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resident evil 2 is only one of my favorite games ever

oh hell yeah motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanted a new way of the samurai

probably in the minority in wanting a queer game that's violent as fuck

something for the angry queers, you know?

i never actually finished the last of us. maybe i ought to.

the video game show had a lesbian kiss. that's probably a big deal.

the world could use a spiritual sequel to "immercenary"

well i'm not getting any work done for a while

time for video games i guess

lewd/mental health???? Show more

squaresoft not showing me ff7 was more offensive than any of devolver's forced jokes


that metal wolf chaos bullshit kickstarted my motivation on the second one

don't think i said what i planned on being productive on

- working on some sprites for a small game project i'm working on with my best friend

- finally, after almost a year, i'm finally going to sit down and write part four of my "bloodborne is trans" essay series

good night mastodon

i may actually be productive tomorrow!

gamergaters do not like my thoughts on devolver digital (my thoughts are not positive)

shout out to devolver digital for taking something people have been waiting 14 years for and sucking the energy away by being racist

Doom Eternal (Release Date TBD)

when do we get to see the final fantasy remake?????????