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it's been a good week and it's only monday

at least i'm getting some wins in tekken today

i have a muse song stuck in my head

life is hell

alright enough beating around the bush: you should all follow my lovely girlfriend @gewt on this internet web site


- use the ☺️ emoji more when i'm trying to be flirtatious online

plans for this week:

- do more sprite art
- do more sprite art for that game i'm supposed to be working
- watch a bunch of anime

apparently these games are part of the transgender zeitgeist and i completely slept on them

i'm trying out the touhou games

they seem fun i guess

bullet witch got ported to pc last month and i'm real mad i'm only just now being informed about this

anyone else ever hear a similarity between the "file loading" track in shining force and the opening of jens lekman's “rocky dennis’ farewell song”

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