With Australia being as crap as most other countries to working class disabled folk, if anyone has some spare change so I could buy some prescription antibiotics and insulin that would be grand. The joys of capitalism and blocking immigrants from applying for benefits during crisis times, innit?


#TransCrowdfund #Fundraising

Boost if you're still mad that the Dreamcast did not gain more commercial success in its time.

i should get some paypig to buy me those new final fantasy remasters. yes, i know they're like ten bucks a piece, but still.







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makes me feel ill when i see people apologize for not posting enough on social media

The mirror world

in frame : micah




goal is to get 2-3 levels finished before the week is out. might put a demo out if that happens.

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@glitchwitch it's pretty cool so far. definitely the most crpg wizardry i've played; you only create your protagonist, then you are joined by npc's with their own stories and motivations, which is different, but neat. lots of dialogue in this one.

@glitchwitch oh i do too! i just think it's a very ballsy move to have an snes synth in a ps2 game.

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