i have to make a lot of graphics for this game

i'll have to increase projectile speed but at least i got this working

turns out that a lot of sg-1000 games are actually pretty darn good? if i had one back in the day i'm sure i would have loved it.

my brain pitched to me the idea to make a game similar to the sg-1000 megahit, ninja princess. just need to uhhhh finish the game i'm already working first.

finally go home tomorrow. have a lot of shit i want to work on, so i'm glad.

yo fuck atlus and fuck that catherine bullshit too. how do you take eight years to be even more bigoted.

meant to play a bunch of games to so i can post stuff here. instead i've been sleeping and watching japanese movies all night.

it would be really cool if mario maker came out now instead of later

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i downloaded langrisser mobile on my phone and it straight up has a condensed langrisser 2 in it

i'm going to buy two (2) nintendo games

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