this is my post-depression moment where i ramble on about various subjects and tonight it's games

i wonder if i was too harsh on mega man 11? i should replay it soon.

damn, forgot blue reflection had some sick music in it

shame about, you know, the rest of the game

this week sucked and i hope the next one is better

hey youtube how come you have to trigger a massive memory leak whenever i want to watch a stream on your website

probably something to said about how one of the last major websites that allows queer "nsfw" content is a place with "deviant" in the title

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is fighting ex layer worth the $20 it's going for on psn right now?

i can't leave without my buddy superfly

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ramona relayed

had to model something, so i made a house party

i was at the mall today. i saw this cute mega man plushie that i should have bought, but didn't.

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