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Pink Disaster Girlfriend

Hey, everyone! I'm joining in on the Itch Summer Sale, and now you can buy #SecretLittleHaven for 30% off! If you haven't played it yet, it's now cheaper than it's ever been! ^_^

working on stuff for this year's SONIC NIGHTMARE

please enjoy last year's SONIC NIGHTMARE

date night was fun!!!!!!!!!! i love my girlfriend!!!

i think i'm having a "date night" tonight

haven't had one of those in a while

nearly won a game of fortnite, but then i accidentally shot my cover out from under me, causing me to fall to my death 😡

terf dickery aside, today's been pretty alright

got some free pizza today

wish i knew where it was from, because it is fuckin good

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jesse singal is back and my offer to fight that bitch coward in a hell in a cell still stands

Hey, I'm going to be looking for #uxdesign or game design work in the Seattle area again very soon - if you know of any jobs, contract or otherwise, please let me know!


maybe i'll actually follow through on my desire to write for a site again soon

@hache yeah, Jupiter is the wrestler type in this one.

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did that thing where i played a bunch of snes games with lady characters

gonna do that with sega stuff now

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