this has been a good episode of dynamite? good matches, jim ross didn't say anything racist, lots of storyline building. only real complaint is the unfortunately usual "we need more than one women's match."

the pre-wrestle movie is not good. but it has keanu so i guess that's why i haven't been able to stop watching.

oh thank fuck tnt is actually working. now i can finally watch dynamite after two weeks of cody and mjf looking like i threw bionic commando into my busted nes.

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and i beat the last boss without taking any damage because i'm a pro gamer

think i'm going to change my blog layout again, because the white on black is hurting my eyes

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think i will get back into tekken this dreary sunday

if i can beat the #1 ranked dan hibiki (street fighter 4) player in garou mark of the wolves, then i can definitely hang with randos in a completely different game!

also it turns out i'm actually pretty good at snk fighting games

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think i'm going to play some sonic robo kart

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