you know, my mother swears to god that the police's stewart copeland is not my illegitimate father

that is clearly bullshit

finished castlevania 2 and dracula cursed me with a stomachache 😩

ramona relayed

Hey friends! I still need a roommate/affordable housing in the bay area (commute to the peninsula). I'd prefer not to live in SF, lol

as someone who's sort of known for having a pretty in-depth knowledge of games, i always feel the need to point that shit out.

@sara I forgot about the scene at the start of Policenauts where the main character goes off on a transphobic rant less than ten seconds after an assassin kills his wife.

@sara pretty much any interaction with a woman in Policenauts gives you the option to grope them, in addition to about a paragraph of the main character's talking about how much he wants to fuck them.

GZ has only one female character who is beaten, raped, tortured, is forcibly given emergency surgery without anesthetic, and then dies after a bomb wired to her uterus goes off.

i keep seeing "aesthetic" posts with screenshots of the game policenauts and like, i don't think people realize that policenauts is one of the most disgusting games ever made. both that game and ground zeroes made me stop and think that there's probably going to be some accusations about kojima thrown around in the next few years.

don't feel like dealing with people or commenting on discourse shit, so i'm going to post something fun on my blog today instead

*sees the news*

ah cool time to limit my use of the internet because i'm annoyed as fuck and it's still morning over here

@devurandom it's a fan-translated version, so they may have used a different font

nearly lost my dang mind finishing castlevania 3. now it is time for bed goodnight.

kind of forgot castlevania 3 kind of falls apart once stage six hits it was a comic short about a terrible comedian who made offensive dilbert strips and posted them at his job.

@sara one of those edgy parody strips from that leisure town story



they make me all emotional and shit and i'm trying to play some castlevania right now

i'm housesitting for a week and it's boring so i'm looking around the net for things to do and pokemon is a thing to do for now

hold up, there's a pokemon romhack that lets you be a member of team rocket and also lets you choose porygon as a starter

time to download

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