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boost if you can hear this image

anyways i got that sega x capcom humble bundle and i'm replaying dead rising for the first time in over a decade

it's wednesday and i'm feeling fine for the first time in a long while, friends

i feel...really good now. what the heck.

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hey turns out getting over myself and asking a friend if they can listen to me cry and talk about my problems for a little while helps me in the mental health department, and i don't gotta make angry cw posts

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@alyx it's like I made an ironic joke on Discord and some cis dude said "yeah that's a great idea!" not realizing I'm making fun of him.

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omg tekken's servers are going to shit apparently, and the game is trying to cover it up by calling me a rage-quitter

tekken update: got beat up so bad i went down in rank. self-care is now getting back to "brawler" status.

kicking everyone's butt in tekken 7 as self-care

my mood has been all over the place lately. pretty sure i'm just being manic again (i got a lot of weird brain shit).

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hello friends. i wrote a nsfw blog post about my future as an artist and how it's fucked up that trans bodies are still looked at as a disgusting taboo