NEW BLOG POST: dumpster diving through the internet archive, part 3

only on my web site can you read about tekken, auto racing, and angry t-word shit all at once

congrats to team goodsmile making a car that looks worse than my first attempt at using blender

taking notes in a large spiral notebook labeled "things to steal for my own games" and hoping i can have art design this incredible and varied.

got the saga frontier remaster today. the character i'm playing as is a supermodel who was framed for murder, broke out of prison, joined a group of thieves, fought inside of a large monster, and became a pro wrestler in order to join a fighting tournament where the guy who framed her for murder is hanging out. this game rules, and fuck all the magazines back in the day telling young me not to play it.

"oh, that was a close one, n.k jemisin, but you made it!"

"i won the hugo?"

"no, you regained consciousness. isabel fall won the hugo. and believe me, this is NOT A DREAM!"

these prerenders whip ass, and maybe would be good to see in a higher resolution (also that whole "reintegrating the original game's cut content" thing)

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NEW BLOG POST: resident evil 1 still rules, and the concept of a game "aging badly" is a bunch of bull shit

i like when japanese game blogs do this gimmick where multiple characters talk about the game in question. i think it's cute!

my current big weakness is my inability to model humans. kind of getting better at it? still have to fix a lot of anatomy first.

will i ever reach the lofty heights of number one, or am i forever a sterling silver?

how much of a mark am i for old namco games? enough for me to spend money on a free to play pac-man game 😩

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