dude i've been an affiliate for two weeks when can i make my damn slimegirl emotes

okay it's out now: girl zone #2! several pages of original art and poetry by me! buy a copy! aquanauts-holiday.itch.io/girl

going to have to remember to grab this sometime in the week

welcome to 【AESTHETIC ZONE】

made a snow level, with a new enemy: this poor goof who didn't bundle up for the weather

more aew stuff 

spent my day working on poetry and trying out street fighter v for the first time. i'm liking poison so far.

literally screamed so loud my neighbors came to check on me

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stream moment: dale cooper and dril getting into a feud despite never interacting at any point before then.

made some new enemy types and tiles, all shoved in with no rhyme or reason just so i can take screenshots of them.

i need to unlock this pervert suit in monster hunter

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