you know, my mother swears to god that the police's stewart copeland is not my illegitimate father

that is clearly bullshit

nearly lost my dang mind finishing castlevania 3. now it is time for bed goodnight. it was a comic short about a terrible comedian who made offensive dilbert strips and posted them at his job.

who doesn't want to walk around their village letting all those plebs know your taste in shoegaze

just as good as i remember it from ten years ago

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i'm leaving for a week

maybe i'll learn how to do some demoscene stuff while i'm gone

my friend has a private minecraft server and i built a house in it

press the triangle button and it turns into a thecatamites game

playing left 4 dead with me is like a glimpse into my own subconscious

and sam monroe's model needs to be cw'd because he exudes a powerful husband material energy

i was asked to show the male models sony hired to play the characters in siren, so i'm going to do that.

here's the guy who played howard (pulled some of these off his myspace, if you can believe that).

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