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ramona @ramona@cybre.space

boost if you can hear this image

i got bored waiting for a download to finish so i made this

this is the worst thing i have ever done

i'm sorry

astro boy: the original antifa

and then i was like, how about some honorable mentions too

there's a hashtag on the bird site that's "post four games that define your personality" or whatever. i'm going to do that here.

street fighter x tekken is...not good, but at least i can blind myself with these colors

hey go buy a copy of secret little haven, a game acclaimed by such critics as kotaku, indiegames, and uh, me

me: transition goals

you: uhh, you mean venom? or morrigan?

me again: yes

i managed to figure out how to make the editor in the fm-7 version of thunder force work (shift+1 at the title screen, like in the pc88 version), but this one is also either copy protected or it involves using blank disks that i can't figure out.