had to model something, so i made a house party

was out of practice, so i redid an older piece

got blown up by a fuckin box

i'll try this again when it's not 1 in the morning and i'm tired

here he is encouraging fans to make their own fansites for the game

hold up, hold up, "webpage of CHILDREN'S HETERO"

auto-translate, you fuckin suck

newest member of the slimecule: buff slime

sick as fuck atm but i managed to make a few new art assets and do some scripting work behind the scenes

felt like linking to a dream journal/short story i wrote and did art for again lonelyfrontier.net/blue.html

my friend alex has been calling me a bunny these past few weeks, so my sonic fursona is ramona the rabbit

oh hey one of my games just got a new review

go check it out aquanauts-holiday.itch.io/ and also everything else i made

choice paralysis

(i still don't have a fursona)

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