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finally got a ferrari in gt6. too bad the handling on it kind of sucks!!

NEW POST: retail memorabilia #1: the art of resistance 2


the only game i've managed to successfully download is soul calibur 2 hd and lol i forgot spawn was in it

oh it's that day again

it's me ramona, problematic artist/podcast personality (on both snexploration and bookofmegadrive)/game developer/mentally ill dumb ass

hit up my website lonelyfrontier.net or my patreon if ur a freak patreon.com/lonelyfrontier

i’m here for the next ten days and look how big this fucking tv is

didn't do any animation, but i did make a song, so that's some work done for today

now time to fuck around with emulators some more

i guess while i digging through nes roms, cocoron is a cute little mega man clone where you create your own characters

game stuff: implementing secret weapon upgrades. tentative ones: rapid fire, larger projectile size, and both

sekiro's final boss kicked my ass for literally hours on end

time to play something else that doesn't test my resolve

"rice is good for when you're hungry, and you want two thousand of something"

game stuff: potential new weapons (rapid fire wave, and the definitely not disc of tron) and a preview of the cyberspace level graphics.

i'll be doing a midnight stream of sekiro when it comes out

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