lol if you didn't think i was going to write something for wizardry's 40th anniversary

it is my piece: "the end of wizardry"

i like to watch as my ship zooms up to stars and planets. i also like to turn off the ship's lighting system and let the stars provide natural light (when applicable).

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currently away from home until saturday because of work reasons, so i don't have my vm setup over here. but i do have some screenshots of my last run. i'm using the mod that lets you take panoramic shots.

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unlike my many mockups and use of other engines, this is being displayed within an actual famicom.

working on a new intro for my streams, now that i'm actually going to be doing this stuff again.

my brain: okay, we need to make music for this *action* game

my hands: got it, *rpg* music

found out that there's a new lode runner ("new" being 2017) with a character editor

went on a MALL ADVENTURE today and got three shirts for under $20

40 years ago this month (September 1981), WIZARDRY: PROVING GROUNDS OF THE MAD OVERLORD was released. This game is the progenitor of every RPG you have ever played, and is still a timeless classic.

right, i have a web site to maintain, and it is saturday


there are some cool things on the internet archive, psp edition!

sometimes, there are very uncool things on the internet archive

my switch dashboard really says what kind of person i am, huh

hmm, maybe it was a bad idea to go with a "slow, yet powerful" build in armored core. now i am too slow to react to things.

holy shit, it's two posts in one week!!


"elminage original"

it is a wizardry-like dungeon crawler.

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