if you like pastels, and stars that look weird as fuck once they're anti-aliased, i have a new design up!

this one took a while, but i have a new blog post: i have a new interest, and i'm combining it with an old interest


been doing some textures for a theoretical 3D project. just need to learn how to make 3D models first.

attempted to do some non-voxel 3d work. i failed miserably, but the textures i did were pretty good. this is slimegirl's face.

getting frustrated over densha de go! 64 running great, but trying to run the english fan-patch only gives me a black screen.

i want to drive trains and also be able to read the traffic signs!

i refuse to believe this enemy type in "disco no. 1" is actually a witch, and not a janitor, like i've thought since i first played the rom back in 2003

it's a damn janitor, and he's sweeping the floor of all the roller skate scuff marks you've left

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