new character: fangirl slime

she's always on that damn computer, hoodie wrapped all the way up. likes typing out fanfic and downloading scans of yaoi manga. knows all the social media drama, and will tell you regardless of if you care.

the inventory screen from the resident evil prototype is aesthetic as fuck

fifteen years later and cave story still rules

(this is the original freeware game. i ain't giving nicalis the time of day.)


i'm back home and the xbox is plugged in. i'll be taking a look at "bullet witch," an overlooked cavia classic. murdering the military and other horrific monsters in a near-apocalyptic america.

side-scrolling brawlers are a genre where leather daddies do sick wrestling moves on people in labs where gross body horror shit happens. yet people think this is a bad genre.

xzr, or: what if link was a syrian assassin who liked to do hard drugs, and hyrule was a surrealist nightmare of time travel and political/religious strife and had a real bummer of an ending.

also having really bad english localisations that make no sense.

YOU FUCKED UP NOW, SON! *gun shots*

(birthday edition)

i did my own lewd and crude spin on rodney greenblat's "rodney guy"

this is "ramona gal"

i'm finally watching this "star trek" you're all always talking about

they drove a dumptruck full of money up to my house

i'm not made of stone

10 pm tonight on twitch: edgy jokes, blood and guts, dubsteb, and psychobilly sensibilities!

it's a re-do of lollipop chainsaw, as there were way too many tech problems last week.

maybe even a pre-stream of some other xbox 360 hits

been a while, so here's a new retail memorabilia post. it's about littlebigplanet!

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