"well, we're finally on playstation 2, and we are no longer limited to what instrumentation we can use in our games' music. what have you got in mind?"

"uhhhh you know, hmm. thinking maybe something like uhh (snaps fingers a few times), something that sounds like someone playing mega man x in a parking garage."


@glitchwitch oh i do too! i just think it's a very ballsy move to have an snes synth in a ps2 game.

@ramona Makes sense for Wizardry. I never played their PS2 games tho only the old old games. Is it any good?


@glitchwitch it's pretty cool so far. definitely the most crpg wizardry i've played; you only create your protagonist, then you are joined by npc's with their own stories and motivations, which is different, but neat. lots of dialogue in this one.

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