the world needs more all-girl fighting games because most of the already existing ones suck ass

@ramona Thoughts on Skullgirls? It's not all-girl anymore, alas :/

@archmage love me some Skullgirls, despite being bad at it.

@ramona yeeeee, who'd you main when you played? Do you still play?

@archmage I played some a few weeks back with a friend. I main Double/Beowulf/Squiggly.

@ramona Filia / Parasoul / Cerebella here! Sometimes a Filia / Fukua duo for the funzies 👀

@ramona 'side from snk gals fighters there's asuka 120% which i hear is really good

and uhhhh i'll just hope for some other ones cuz i can't think of anything else

@MelvanaInChains i used to like asuka 120%. then whoops turns out the person who fan-translated the really good saturn one turned out to be a domestic abuser and completely killed my desire to ever play those games again.

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