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ramona @ramona@cybre.space

i'm legally obligated to make every video i work on as shitty as possible

i worked on a game in that same engine years back. here's a late night video i made to test out combat youtube.com/watch?v=ipECn8_8_l


but it's completely in japanese so i can't read any of it

forgot this existed and now i'm sad it's probably never coming out youtube.com/watch?v=_cdu947zO_

i'm in a better mood so the cybre posts will pick up

you want "social media?" yeah i got your social media right here: sign my guestbook, fuckface!!!!!!!!!

introducing internet 2: everything is a geocities webpage about anime and/or video games and every site is accompanied by the theme song to serial experiments lain

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Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

why yes, final fantasy 7 is my favorite game ever and i do mark out at even the slightest fanservice that doesn't have the phrase "extended universe" involved

the last thing i see before i enter heaven

this song has been stuck in my head for like three days youtube.com/watch?v=KFZ3Qhn5dW

snowed in and playing more dissidia

i like cloud. he's good.

i like bartz but i lose a lot with him.

i like ultimecia. she's like a shmup boss.

oh hey and my mic sounds pretty good on my ps4 so that shouldn't be a problem anymore youtu.be/fODn1lLSo1w

hey i just noticed my cough is finally gone

time to plan a weekend stream

it's snowing again and now it's too cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting back to beowulf so i can upload him sometime this century

been waiting forever to make an announcement

still gotta wait because the ball is in the other party's court for the time being

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god dude the new final fantasy dissidia is so good

they should put it in the evo lineup