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hello friends, this is an post, because i don't have a pinned post yet for some reason

hi i'm ramona. i am an artist/writer/game maker/personality(?)/person who makes things. i have a web site ( that exists as a portfolio and blog that you can check out. i spend most of my time on mastodon shitposting about games and music, because those things are good sometimes.

if you like my work, you can click this link and put money into the art hole (

really wish we had more awkward serious/goofy japanese games out there, but then i remember that when we did, western game press outlets were racist as fuck about it so nvm.

"small budget japanese xbox 360 game" is a woefully underrated aesthetic

"ramona what is bullet witch about?"

"it's about being braver than any marine"

"but that says 'army'"

"eat my shorts"

me: this piece could use more blood, and could probably stand to evoke the feeling of dissociation while viewing it

also me: damn dude i really want to make something cute like wataru yoshizumi or someone like that

it's weird to be traumatized and angry and having that bleed into your art aesthetic, while also strongly desiring the shoujo manga aesthetic.

alright folks, SONIC NIGHTMARE 2K18 is up

i'll have a dedicated page set up tomorrow

oh nice, porpentine has a new game out. and that answers my question of whether or not you could put a bitsy game into a twine game.

night trap is a difficult video game

i am home

it rained all day, and hailed at points too

if i can get sonic 2 to unfuck itself, i may include the romhack as a belated part of the package

alright folks, SONIC NIGHTMARE 2K18 is up

i'll have a dedicated page set up tomorrow

aaaaaand i broke sonic again

sonic 2 romhacking will not be a part of sonic nightmare

sonic jam is on the left, and my attempt at putting platforms in the genesis original are on the right

oh and a quick romhack update: figured out what was wrong, and i'm almost done with chemical plant zone. or at least as good as i can get with the technical limitations in place.

man i've had such a bad run of luck with cis women these last few years. so it's cool to finally be with one who's whole thing is "hey, i'm going to constantly reaffirm your gender, even when we're being romantic and you do things seen as traditionally 'male' or 'masculine'"

oops guess who accidentally deleted the entire bottom half of chemical plant zone

currently trying to add some platforms to chemical plant zone, act 2, but the game crashes as soon as you reach them

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