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policy on boosting selfies and stuff: if it's a public post, go nuts, dude

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hello friends, this is an post, because i don't have a pinned post yet for some reason

hi i'm ramona. i am an artist/writer/game maker/personality(?)/person who makes things. i have a web site ( that exists as a portfolio and blog that you can check out. i spend most of my time on mastodon shitposting about games and music, because those things are good sometimes.

if you like my work, you can click this link and put money into the art hole (

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cool thing about being home is i can finally get back into the online rpg's i like. like phantasy star online, meridian 59, and maybe even getting back into neverwinter nights, which i haven't done in over a year.

cranking that dad rock while i put a game together. you know how i work.

not sure whether or not i should use the white border on my title screen

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rough week, but i think things are looking up

think i'm going to go computer shopping this holiday season

fire pro won the poll. sadly, turns out my pc is too shitty to actually stream it, so i'm forced into plan b: fallout

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i am finally home from all my business stuff! time to update literally every piece of technology i own and try to get stream shit set up for tonight.

didn't really explain, but if i stream fire pro, it would be me doing the promoter mode, and running a company

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coming home friday, and i'm going to get back into streaming. but i'm torn on what i want to play.

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if i'm gonna play a queer game from a dev with an all-caps name, i'll stick with ZUN over DONTNOD

scu? look, they're great, but i'm never not going to call them "team mid-life crisis"

is that the first time a trans woman has won a wrestling match on national television? think that's some sort of record.

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