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spent a week thinking about it, and i've decided i'm going to follow in everyone else's footsteps and make all my stuff pay-what-you-want for the time being, including upcoming work.

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policy on boosting selfies and stuff: if it's a public post, go nuts, dude

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hello friends, this is an post, because i don't have a pinned post yet for some reason

hi i'm ramona. i am an artist/writer/game maker/personality(?)/person who makes things. i have a web site ( that exists as a portfolio and blog that you can check out. i spend most of my time on mastodon shitposting about games and music, because those things are good sometimes.

if you like my work, you can click this link and put money into the art hole (

cool i accidentally figured out how to do bomb jack style jumping and floating

woo hoo some fraudulent charges on my checking account from several months ago surprisingly got refunded today!

merry early x-mas to me, baby! it's going to feel like an eternity until this pc-engine mini is at my house.

replayed a few hours of fallout 3 because i make good decisions in life

yeah this is still one of the worst games ever made

haven't posted much because i ain't been feeling good. i should uhhh change that.

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