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spent a week thinking about it, and i've decided i'm going to follow in everyone else's footsteps and make all my stuff pay-what-you-want for the time being, including upcoming work.

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policy on boosting selfies and stuff: if it's a public post, go nuts, dude

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hello friends, this is an post, because i don't have a pinned post yet for some reason

hi i'm ramona. i am an artist/writer/game maker/personality(?)/person who makes things. i have a web site ( that exists as a portfolio and blog that you can check out. i spend most of my time on mastodon shitposting about games and music, because those things are good sometimes.

if you like my work, you can click this link and put money into the art hole (

dealing with migraines and essentially having to mainline benadryl due to being somewhere where i am allergic to everything. not going to have anything up on the site this week. however, when i get back to my less allergen-filled home on monday, i'll have my new xbox waiting for me, so i'll make up for it with two posts. maybe show off some gamedev stuff i've been working on too.

begpost, boost please 

im on unpaid medical leave, coping with ptsd from trauma i sustained on the job and continued abuse and exploitation from my employer

trying to keep a roof over my polycule's heads without taking on a ton of debt while i move onto the next chapter of my life as best i can. any amount is appreciated - it'll be going towards rent, food, debt, and moving a partner out of a bad situation out of state

with love and thanks,
-eri, alice, lily, and jm

i consider myself someone who is anti-incarceration, except for people who respond to questions on emulation forums with "play on real hardware"

SSTV M1 Image received on 14.230 MHz USB at 2022-05-17 23:29:47 UTC
#sstv #M1 #14230

finally sat down and played the wwe car combat game. unsurprisingly, it sucks. though now that i've played it, i think aew should do their own car combat game in the vein of interstate '76, rather than twisted metal.

oh hell yeah thank you federated timeline for showing me a bot account that posts astro boy screenshots

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