fyi I have not dropped off the face of the earth, I've just... dropped off the face of the earth a little bit, because everything became unreasonably busy this week.

if I've failed to reply to you in the last couple days, I'll do it soon ❀

hey you all should recommend me some metal music, if you are into that

I don't care about the sub-genre, I just wanna put interesting/good/novel sounds in my ears. (if you rec something I already know, I'll listen to it again, and remember how good it is.) please and thank you πŸ’™

It dawns on me that I have not posted the medium post thingy I wrote about mastodon and pineapples yet

it is tradition, so here goes

I feel like I need a week to de-stress from this week

On the plus side, it's proven that I don't ever have to worry about the cat running off outdoors, because it is clear that the outdoors is a Scary Horrifying Place, which needs to be escaped from at maximum speed / by piteously throwing oneself at the door and yowling.

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the cat was already flipping out *before* the fire truck pulled up, and the big noise made everything 50x worse. So while it turns out that everything is fine with regards to the gas leak, I now have a large slice taken out of my palm by my extremely upset cat, who immediately hid under the bed once the smell cleared out and we came back inside. Sigh.

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so apparently there's a gas leak right outside my apartment. There were two folks from the energy company working on something outside, and they hit a line somehow. The whole apartment smelled nasty, but we were told to just close the windows and not have any open flames.

I guess one of my neighbors was freaked out, because somebody called the fire dept and they came by. Meanwhile I went outside and took my cat (on a leash) to escape the fumes [cont.]

star trek discovery spoil 

real actual plot summary

The USS Discovery is developing an experimental "Spore Drive" for near-instant travel based on tapping into an omnipresent galactic fungus. It turns out the secret to Spore Drive navigation is strapping a giant tardigrade that eats galactic fungus spores to the navigation system via painful nipple piercings.

I shit you not, that is the actual plot and I feel like maybe it was generated via Mad Libs?


bless every single person who has ever written slash fic, even if it was bad. you all have gotten me through some difficult times, and some times that are just weird. the power of gay is strong and real.

(this is a 2 am thought, yes)

I swear nice things have actually been happening in my life recently, I just vent and shit here

my cat is cute! I'm playing lots of tabletop rpgs! my research isn't bad I guess! it's a good grad student life overall

academiaaaa (negative, vent) 

scene from today: physics department attempts to have 1 (one) actual discussion about racism; ends up with white male department chair basically yelling over a female grad student of color to show her "what it's like"; professor demanding a Black student explain structural racism to him while insisting that he personally has no implicit biases at all


all kinds of fuck, wow


it frustrates the shit out of me that ppl say that "living in a bubble" apparently refers to people who appreciate diversity but not to people who think that politics is just a game that'll never affect them



a group of grad students sent out an email to our department (grads and faculty) expressing our concerns over the fact that Charles Murray is speaking on our campus, and encouraging fellow scientists to speak out against "scientific" racism on campus

one professor blasted back immediately accusing us all of repeating "scurrilous charges" against Murray, whom he "knows very well"

p.s. this prof teaches the required first-year ethics course

ahhhh I was on mobile a minute ago but I had to come back to my laptop to bask in the great emojoing

I barely use emoji on a normal basis, but this, I :florp: this

here we see a feline in their natural state: a vaguely circular blob of fur with protruding claws

ST DSC, spoilers through ep 4, prediction 

miscellaneous guess about future events: Voq's big "sacrifice" is that he will have to go undercover as a human for plot reasons (Γ  la Arne Darvin), betraying his commitment to "remain Klingon"

this will, of course, eventually lead him to interact with Michael and the crew of the Discovery.


Pretty bad that the overton window has shifted such that Mozilla being against Fascism is seen as leftist extremism

QC (webcomic) 

is Bubbles/Faye canon yet

[waits 3 seconds]

how about now

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