Finally: Alpine Linux, i3wm and a physical keyboard on a mobile phone. The keyboard may be a bit worn down, but the n900 is still going strong like it’s 2009 💖

@rachel Your keycaps are an awfully important part of this picture to me. o.o


Wow! That's super cool! Didn't know it was even possible.

@rachel this almost makes me want to get my old HTC G1 out of the drawer. Can't remember now if it required binary blobs or if I could bring it up with a mainstream kernel

That phone is coolex, but that keyboard is 😎 , pink, purple, backlight..

where did you buy this?

@rachel OMG girl that's so beautifully nerdy ! I just love it, now i have a new purpose in life x)

seriously though, how do you feel alpine is running on this ? Do you think some other distrib might do the trick ? Was it easy to install ? 8D

@rachel it it had more RAM, I suspect I might still be using mine

@rachel @decentral1se Oooh I still have one of these lying around somewhere! ♥

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