I’m at the protest against the anti copyright law in Berlin right now. Here are around ~800 people on a first glance!

I don’t want to just monetize my content better on YouTube, I want a socialized and creator owned decentralized YouTube. It’s not exclusively about shares but about democratisation. The protests have to be more radical on that issue. I hope that’ll happen soon.

The next speaker is, when I heard that right, from the youth wing of the pro-business party FDP. Wild guess that they most certainly won’t talk about socialising and seizing the digital means of production xD


According to the organisers 2.000 people attended the protest in Berlin today! And I’m happy seeing so many teenagers, school students and people in the twenties like me here. Especially since conservatives (the CDU is Germany’s conservative center-right party) always claim that they’re not interested in politics & that epically backfired at them today^^

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