I'll probably leave my flat share this year wanting to preferably live alone or move into a less draining flat share. So hello housing market, nice to see u again. not.

Sehr schön, die Klimaschutz-Schüler*innen demonstrieren gerade am Bundestag vorbei.

Die Anmeldung für das erste #jugendhackt-Event 2019 ist online: In Köln am 24.–26. Mai. Hallo #jhcgn19! jugendhackt.org/events/koeln
(Und wer sich nun fragt: Wo noch, und wann? Alle weiteren Termine 2019 verkünden wir in genau drei Wochen.)

Is there a page where I can order ANSI Keycaps for a mechanical keyboard & each row in a different color? asking for my keyboard and that I want to have trans pride keycaps.

I somehow like the Dell Latitude 7490 more than I like a ThinkPad t480. The keyboard & trackpoint just feels better. Had the possibility to play around with both machines recently.

Does anyone of you folks know how to make work in and wants to share this knowledge with me? I'm using nmcli/#NetworkManager as my network manager.

Would pay money for Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia E. Butler stories in comicbook form! Do their works exist as comics yet? Does anyone need a comic project because please do this, I want to read their work so badly

#accessibility #dyslexia #comics

Shout out to my fellow #LeftTwitter crew! Great to be here. Do be sure to check out the #anticapitalism #anarchism and #SocialJustice tags to find other like minded people. Or if you're a #FOSS enthusiast there's a great #Linux community here too.

Here's a great little intro to the #history of #anarchist #organising on the #fediverse!

8 bit computers can also go on the internet

d'ya ever think about that?

more to the point: making your online content lightweight is an anti-colonial act

i want to relive the joyful naivety of childhood that was seeing tacocat spelled backwards

hey friends. I’m told the Forest Cafe (a leftist institution in #Edinburghen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_C) is in rather urgent need of cash.

You can walk in with money and tell them it’s a donation. If can’t make it there in person, I’m happy to forward on money along with my own donations, and I’ll make sure to say it came from you if you want. Just get in touch.

If you don’t have the spare money, please shout about it so other people know. If you do have spare money, donate it, then shout.

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