@rach If you draw a line between cyberpunk and goth, and one between femme and butch, where the two intersect is where I am

@rach i'm femme goth with cyberpunk n butch sympathies

@rach I need to increase my femme and my goth and add in some ren faire.

@rach Is this like the stats displays from Pokemon Sapphire

@rach i don't know what this is but thank you for drawing me

@HTHR it's a combination character creator slider, pokemon ruby stat graph, personality test, and ouija board

@rach i'm terrified by the breadth of purpose of this object

@rach the affordances you've put into the futch hexagon boggle the mind

@HTHR much like wlw self-expression, the futch hexagon is highly individual and open to interpretation

@HTHR @rach As an aside...

Thing could become a cube, feasibly.

@rach @HTHR And outside of the cube is a circle marked "Gamer"

@rach @Athena @HTHR

omg how do you pick just one of those poles though, i'm deffo anime/kpop-fluid

@rach Ok but how do I get femme goth bro on here cause that's my jam

@felix Oh wait yeah I thought it was a point chart instead of an area chart

@moth it's whatever kind of chart you want it to be IMO

@rach gonna overlay my natal chart on this as a new form of horoscope

Me: Slaps my big lesbian paws over the whole damn thing.

@rach I call it "An Experiment In Wasting Time When I Should Be Working"

@jackofallEves @rach I think mine is like this but the whole pan is smaller?

@rach wow i cant read i saw "female" instead of "femme" what the fuyck are my eyes even

@rach Since the insomnias have found me, here's a... me?

Image: A hexagon, with vertices labeled (from top, clockwise): futch; goth; ren faire; butch; bro; cyberpunk. Atop this is a purplish graph, approximate values: femme, 0.5; goth, 0.25; ren faire, 0.5; butch, 0.5; bro, 0; cyberpunk, 0.05. In other words, a very androgynous person with a modest leaning toward ren faire, lesser leaning toward goth, with a dash of cyberpunk.

@rach Do I have to put like one of those weird misshapen hexagons in here to fill this out? Because I feel like I'm more towards butch and cyberpunk but that puts me in bro range and that feels unfitting.

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