i suggest, per CNN's directive that climate change can be prevented by eating 30% less meat, that we supplement the calories lost by this lifestyle change by eating the rich

@rach As good as this sounds, heavy metals migrate to the top of the food chain. The rich are arguably the least healthy source of food in our ecology.

Put them to work raising organic grains for the poor.

@mwlucas the system you are suggesting here is called "slavery" and i think cannibalism on an individual level is exponentially more ethical than slavery on a systemic level

@rach ugh. true. There's got to be *something* useful we can do with them as opposed to eating their mercury-laden flesh, though.

Exile? Put them on an quarantined island with farming supplies and let them live or die as they can?

@rach eww, have you ever heard of some of the stuff they put in their bodies? Bleh. I'll go straight beans, ramen, and tofu thank you very much.

@rach we can supply the rest of world and save the planet if US consumers ever get enlightened.

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