if you use multiple pronoun sets, what do you prefer others do? :boost_ok:

have kind of been contemplating using xe and kinda wanna see how other people with multiple pronoun sets conduct themselves so call this asking for a friend (me)

@rabbit I use multiple pronouns (it/its and she/her). I mostly use "it" but will sometimes throw a "she" in as a treat.

@rabbit pronouns are sort of a context sensitive thing for me, like i give different groups of people different permissions to use certain pronouns (and it's not a totally consistent thing, like just because i only let people i don't respect or trust use a particular pronoun, doesn't mean everyone who uses that pronoun for me is someone i don't trust)

@rabbit "more nuanced" reply here: they/them is a nice default for The Straights™️​ to lean on, but I'm a nonbinary critter whomst is open to literally any pronouns being used in reference to me at any given time based on how I'm perceived by others.

the quickest shorthand I have for how I feel is "schrödinger's gender" if that makes any sense.

@rabbit generally for my headmates and I we each have our own individual name and pronoun and prefer to be called and used each differently depending on who your referring to. For example for me im trans she/her pronouns, then there's Christine she's a non binary she/her but prefer she most of the time, AlTon is specific like gay cis male he /him pronouns, Daise is non binary they /them and Tackty is trans she /her as well.

@rabbit we're on the same page as a number of critters here. the best we can expect from most humans is she/her, but our friends and the people that actually know us use they/them. i'm curious about trying on neopronouns, too (ey/em is somewhat appealing), but i worry that, like, literally no one will use them for me offline

@rabbit More nuanced for me. I prefer it pronouns, but will settle for they if people aren't comfortable with it

@rabbit My different sets of pronouns have different sort of ... "connotations" I guess? "She/her" normally, "it/its" in certain sona-related circumstances

@rabbit 🔘 It's Complicated. (and I don't think I have the spoons to explain right now, unfortunately.)

@rabbit "More nuanced" mostly because of being plural and wanting people to refer to the pronouns of the most likely headmate they'll be talking to.

Basically, I want anybody neutral or people like co-workers who I (Tabi) deal with to use they/them. Friends to mainly use she/her and anyone really, *really* close can use it/its.

@rabbit I don't have strong feelings, but I do like it when people mix and match pronouns for me

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