My arrived at the local post office but it has a 50€ import duty. Ouch.

@qwazix yeah I’m already preparing myself for something like that. The thing is, it already arrived but the local post/customs is taking quite some time...(already one week) :(

@Pedro fortunately they released it quickly. I got an sms notification and sent them the receipt. A second sms told me to go get it.

Two days later I got a snail mail that it arrived and I need to send in the receipt :blobfacepalm:

@qwazix eheh on my side, get this: mailman arrived; asked me for money (50euros or so); I have no cash with me just cards; after 5 failed attempts in using his card payment thingy he takes back my PinePhone and says “well my machine does not work, go pick it up in the nearest post office, probably next week” 😒

@qwazix I have it! I blindly went to the post and they managed to find it even though it was still awaiting to be in their management system :)

@Pedro μεγειά!! (that's what we say when someone gets something new.) It means roughly "enjoy it in health".


@qwazix niiice :) thanks, this is all so exciting!

@Pedro yeah it reminds me of back when I was waiting for the N950

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