Anyone know Greek? The Spandau Ballet record I just bought in Dallas was one sold in Greece, with Greek on the sleeve and handwritten on the inner sleeve. Interesting to think how it ended up here. Handwritten notes on liners and records from other countries are a fun thing to find buying #vinyl.

@Tayo @dctrud interesting. This inscription is either quite old or the person that wrote it never stopped using the polytonic syatem which was phased out some time in the 80's.

It roughly says: The choice of disc does not reflect 100% the musical preferences of the gift-bearer, maybe 95%


@Tayo @dctrud yep the date reveals that the inscription was made the same year I was born

@qwazix @Tayo cool, thanks! The other bit seems to us like it was probably sent to whomever in the US from a cousin Kostas.

@dctrud @Tayo the word better is also quite archaically spelled (καλλίτερες is spelled καλύτερες now) and it says "Best (better acually) wishes for many pleasing listens"

I know we don't say it like this in English but I tried to kinda word-for-word it. A more liberal translation would be: "I wish you many pleasant hours listening to this record", or something.

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