I took the car today and I intend to go to meteora. However I took my time in the morning and I stopped for photos multiple times during the trip, so it's already dusk and I'm still halfway, at Lamia. I stopped for a meal, and hopefully I will reach kalampaka before it's too difficult to find a place to stay. (Selfie ec)

And I just realized I took all my photo equipment except the extra battery and charger. I hope there's enough juice in the camera...

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I drove into the first hotel that seemed fancy to me and got myself a (tiny bit expensive) room for the night. I'm happy with my choice though, it seems nice.

The soundproofing isn't for very rough sex though. Thankfully I'm alone. :-P

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Preview. I'm planning to go full gear later to take better photos. It's freezing though and I might just bail out.

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One more. Unfortunately they turned the lights off at 1:30AM and I couldn't snap many more of these. I might wait for dusk tomorrow if I don't get too sleepy.

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The breakfast in this hotel is very nice. I spent this week's cheat meal on it and I don't regret it one bit. No photo, of my plate, I ate it all before thinking to snap one :-P

Coffee time now and then back to the room for a final nap and gathering my things.

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The bartender/proprietor of yesterday's pub offered to buy me a coffee this morning and I took him up for it. I didn't want to inconvenience him much so I said, "whatever, just no sugar" when he asked what kind of coffee I wanted.

I love how the default is ice cold coffee even with 8°C outside.

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I think I'll stay until dusk because this view has potential at night.

And another one in bright colors just for the sake of contrast :-P

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The road between Trikala and Kalampaka shows the signs of the financial depression intensely. From the series of abandoned car dealerahips to a lonely grafittied underpass of an elevated freeway that never happened sticking out of the ground like an arch of triumph it shows what crappy decade the 10's were. Let's hope for a brighter 20's.

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And with a couple of more night shots, a very late beginning of the trip home. It's going to be well past midnight when I finally get there.

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Home! I love driving at night. I expected some holiday return traffic but it was just me and the truckers. Temperatures ranged from -6 to +6°C during the trip, it took a bit more than four hours including a refueling for me and the car. Oh, and I paid 3.60 for a can of monster energy drink. I feel ripped off. Anyway time to carry all that photo gear upstairs now. Hope the elevator is fixed 🤞

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Elevator was not working. I repeat, NOT working. I had to carry 43kgr over 4 flights of stairs. There goes my quadricep training for the week :-P

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I have a hot cup of coffee, classical music playing loud and I'm editing the trip's photos. Here's the first one I'm happy with.

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@qwazix You must be tired for long driving.
Please get some rest.
May I watch your photo after You got rest?

@toneji I will post more photos after some required food and rest, yes.

Thanks for the thoughtful remark!

@toneji thanks! I like the triangle the lights create in the sky too. It wasn't really visible with the naked eye, but the camera caught it.

@qwazix I understood what you said.
Maybe you have a good camera.
I like to take a photo, but SLR cameras are expensive.
I am satisfied with the camera of the iPhone Xs Max:)

@toneji yes my gear is significantly more expensive than an iPhone but in this case you could take this photo with the iPhone as well. You need a tripod and a camera app that allows 30 second shutter speeds.

@qwazix Oh, I see.
I use Camera+2, famous app for iOS.
I can set slow shutter speeds.
Do you have an app you recommend?

@toneji sorry, I never had an iPhone... I use OpenCamera on Android.

@qwazix Don't worry.
Your advice is very useful.
I'll try to take good photo with my iPhone:)

@qwazix Seems like Kapadokya (or I thought that for a second)

@subca I suppose there are similar rock formations there? Haven't seen it. I only know that our folklore says that our version of Santa Claus (Saint William/Άγιος Βασίλης) is from there.

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