@cwebber's talk was absolutely amazing. Very thought provoking and full of well mapped thoughts. You should watch it when it goes online if you aren't here in

@qwazix @cwebber anyone know when and where they will be available?

@measlytwerp @qwazix Not sure yet where, but @sl007 and @chillicampari have expressed the desire to get them up soon... of course, we should acknowledge that they are volunteers so we should be patient for when they can manage to get in the time. But I know we're all excited and grateful for their hard work!

@sl007 has the lead on edit and uploading and I am back on the road in a couple of days to Berlin and Hanover, but I have the emergency backup in case anything happens. I can't speak for Sebastian, but my best guess is that he might need some rest first :D
@measlytwerp @qwazix @sl007

@chillicampari @cwebber @measlytwerp @qwazix
Oh yes, just arrived.
Need to handle so much data.
But I'll start the puzzle by 8-10 a.m. and then we will see.

It will probably be more fun than this Rupert Murdoch Gossip :
"David Beckham stays up until 3am building Hogwarts out of Lego and is ‘ruining’ wife Victoria’s life with his new hobby".

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