The depressing thing with plastic waste is that we had the infrastructure to re-use packaging in every way, and we demolished it. From the milk-man who took the empty bottles back to returnable beverage bottles, and people taking their own packaging to the grocer to put foodstuffs in, be it cheese, olives, beans or whatever.

Now we have to build the infrastructure and the mindset again. Before it's too late.

@qwazix When I go to a supermarket and everything is wrapped in plastic. Everything.
Every two weeks or so, I throw out about 10kg of 'recycling'.

Recently watching Chernobyl, it reminded me of Soviet Union, where everything was either minimally packaged or recycled relentlessly.

My conclusion thus far -- we are too rich to care about the environment. Things will only change after the environmental catastrophe (which is coming).


@avolkov yeah. I'm constantly fighting with shopkeepers that are so proud that are ignoring the new law that requires them to charge for plastic bags...

"I don't need the bag, man, I'm not trying to save 4 cents".

Also, bags have become heavier since the new law.

And I've seen countless people argue for their "right" to a free bag, or stealing bags in order to "stick it to the man".

It's depressing really.

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