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"Protip: Don't delete your Python virtual environment while you are using it."

From my upcoming book "Protips: Things to NOT Delete". All chapters are based on my hard earned experience of deleting things and then regretting it a moment later.

@djmoch @cstanhope I did that once, in a script that tried to cd in a non-existent dir and delete its contents. I noticed because finder windows started disappearing, like in the movies.

@qwazix @djmoch I hope you don't mind that I just laughed, but I'm sure that was unpleasant at the time.

@cstanhope @djmoch just a bit. I had to go present my work in two hours or so thus my first reaction when I saw the empty home was a fit of terror but my multiple backup strategy (who said I'm paranoid? shut up :-P) had me up and running in a few minutes so all went well.

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