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Would you record yourself reading some of your toots for me and send them to me?

Boosts appreciated.

I'm thinking about an art project. No promises if that will ever be finished.

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Could you plz help me out with my health? 

Hi, fedi!

It's that time of the month again! :gonk:

I need 60 for my ADHD meds, 15 for my anti-depressive + 50 to manage a bunch of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

I also need physiotherapy for my back & knee, which are really bad. Each session is 30€.

If you could chip in, it'd be very welcome & appreciated! Any cent counts! :ablobcathappypaws:

Thank you so much for helping! :blobcatheart:

:ko_fi: ko-fi.com/eloisa

#MutualAid @mutualaid

Would you record yourself reading some of your toots for me and send them to me?

Boosts appreciated.

I'm thinking about an art project. No promises if that will ever be finished.

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A look at my sketch process! I'm not feeling too creative lately but I'm working on it! #sketches #MastoArt

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drinking coffee is just such a wonderful thing to do. there are few addictions as rewarding

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#FediPlants is the hashtag I'm using for my posts about what I'm doing with my/to my dear plants. I'll also use it to ask questions, post photos, etc. of my plants.

As a noob in these matters I often felt the need for a community where I could show my plants as they are rn without feeling shame for how they are, but also wanted tips on how to get them better. I still do.

That's what I want #FediPlants to be one day!

You are welcome to join! :ablobcatrave:

Keep it 🌿!

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hey have you heard that the IPCC released a new report of critical importance on August 9, 2021, and you wanted to read it but it's a bunch of fucking PDF files and that's not working out for you?

WELL COOL cause i extracted all the text for you and put it in per-chapter HTML files and I also dug up the actual long descriptions of the future scenarios they use throughout the report without explaining them for SOME REASON???

anyway here you go


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Fediverse instances are mostly run by unpaid volunteers who rely on donations to keep going. It's not just the time they give, but the running costs of the servers that they pay for.

If you use the Fediverse, please consider donating to the instance you signed up on. Donations help keep the Fedi ad-free and privacy-friendly.

On Mastodon, you can find details on how to donate by clicking "About this server" in the bottom left corner of the screen.

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Mastodon

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Name: Butterflies In Your..Stomach?
Author: https://libredd.it/user/Jamusien
Source: https://libredd.it/r/Art/comments/moa4nh/butterflies_in_yourstomach_me_digital_2021/

#digitalpainting #art #butterflies #stomach #woman
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Let’s talk about heat-related illnesses… 

Alright. Temperatures are hazardous in a significant chunk of the U.S.A. right now, and the rest of the country will get worse in that respect as summer moves in.

Heat exhaustion is what happens when your bodies’ ability to cool itself is pushed to the edge of failure. Learn how to spot it, because this is the last chance to stop a life-threatening emergency.

Untreated heat exhaustion progresses to heat stroke. When your core body temperature reaches 104°F (40°C), it starts to cook. Since your brain is baking in the least fun way, you’re not likely to recognize what’s wrong, or be able to help yourself. The last person to know when somebody gets heatstroke is the one who has it.

With immediate cooling and prompt medical attention, heat stroke has a mortality rate of ~10%. If you can’t escape the heat, your odds of dying rise to 80% in less than 2 hours.

To sum up? Please keep an eye out for one another. Heat doesn’t look like other dangerous weather, but it is.

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An animation thing I created a while back. It's probably one of the most tedious things I've done.

CW: Light artistic nudity

#MastoArt #animation #art #illustration

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Hacker History: Local edition 

The History of hackers.town

My apologies for events left out for brevity… it’s been a long road.

Hackers.town was brought to life on April 7th of 2017 during the great Infosec migration to Mastodon. The instance was planned to be a rebirth of the old hacking communities between the BBS era and Web 2.0, but kinder with fewer barriers to entry. It’s no secret, the reverence I have for the work of the early groups like the cDc and NMRC, and I really wanted to recreate such an environment here. At the time the influence of such groups seemed to have ebbed, and someone needed to carry a torch to attract the like-minded…

That was my mission.

Always working toward restoring the cyber-occult utopia and the future we lost.

The first incarnation of hackers.town Was running vanilla mastodon. We had rules like “If your post is going to use over 500 characters, publish it in a QR code”. It was fun, small and focused. We ran on Azure. Why Azure? Because I had developer credits, and I liked the idea of using the man’s money to fight the man.

In August of 2017, disaster struck and we lost the entire DB due to a docker misconfiguration and flawed documentation. I walked away for a few months, upset with myself.

In December of 2017, hackers.town was reborn(Without Docker) and the community slowly began to filter back in. Strong backup protocols were established, @_cr0Tab helped with some art, admins started being knighted, and we grew up and became a community. A radio station was born, our own Gitea server, matrix chat, and even a webring! For a while we even had a tv station.

In March of 2018 We brought Hackers.town out of the cloud and into an internally hosted scenario in my personal data center. It has lived there ever since as does radio.hackers.town. We have assets that make up our arcology all over the world.

In late 2019 oniprojekt.ninja was born, and two projekts were quickly brought to production, a DoH service that doesn’t log requests, and “What Campaign?” A browser add-on that replace tracker tags in URLs with “FuckOff”. Great fun was being had being the cyberpunks we are deep inside.

In March of 2020 the world began to turn backward, the pandemic hit, some people left, some people burned out, momentum was lost on some of our ongoing work. But we managed to have enough steam to put together a panel to present at HOPE2020, and extend our community to neighbors, and helped prop each other up through the darkest early days of the pandemic… It’s been a weird 1.5 yrs. So far.

But things are changing, some long lost have been coming home, the world is looking to begin moving again… and so are we.

Every DefCon I seem to get inspired, and it’s often by the old lions that inspired me to build this place and pick up the weird counterculture flag that we represent. This year was an exceptional one for me, being invited to events, and having friends from that old crew show up for my events. It was humbling and one of the biggest honors I have ever had.

It makes me want to break things and find good trouble.

New Projekts are coming.

Plans coalescing about how we can launch the next steps to protect the privacy of users, and make online communities safer and better for all.

Hackers.town is a force to be reckoned with. We are mighty, and we will help others to become so.



We do not relent.

We do not repent.

Be the Rust Upon Their Gears.

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