I'm off to 🛏️, it's way past midnight here.

It's been fun everyone, thanks for the company and the good discussion!

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I read an article once that claimed that the fall of women admissions to CS majors was attributed to the movie and the culture it created.

War Games was much more important than it looks like, after all.

This is kinda idealized. There were giant corpos against SOPA.

And look how that turned out with FOSTA/SESTA...

They are talking about MIT as if it was a single person. Bureaucracies don't act this way

(also isn't MIT a corporation?)

It still amazes me how "American Principles" are still being touted as something this nation still abides by...

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I still don't understand what is illegal up to now? Wasn't it legal to download the papers? Did he share them already?

I hate startup culture. More like vulture culture.

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:WeAreNameless:​ Here's a brief history of RSS. Netscape was heavily involved.


Hopefully we will watch Code Rush one day... which is about the last days of Netscape.


Fitting to be watching this on a federated network.

I don't know much (or anything really) about Aaron Swartz. I always meant to read about him so this is a very good opportunity to learn a bit.

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:WeAreNameless: Welcome to The Internet's Own Boy: The Aaron Swartz story #WeAreNameless

This is the story of a most remarkable human being.

Thanks to @seven for streaming on otvstudios.net #OTV

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Ok it's apparently a tv series called "the outer limits".

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