I like the fact that I can switch the keyboard to my smartphone with a click of a button. It's really useful for those times I'm in the middle of something I typed and I realize that I need to type a whole lot more.

I just realized that this keyboard is a clone of the old apple aluminum keyboard and not the new rechargeable one and despite I know this is quite better (multi-device support, backlight, both features I will use) my brain decided that this was a mistake and that I should have bought the apple one instead.

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qwazix relayed

Never listened to this album, but it has the best title officially 

@djsundog the stream has been a very successful sountrack for tonight's barbecue with friends :blobheart:

I have a video of the procedure if anybody is curious

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Political theory 

Morning, fellow fedinauts! What are you looking forward to today?

I'm drinking a can of monster at 2300 because I'm obsessed and I want to plant a papyrus wish me luck.

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