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*ties you to a chair and uses linux wrong in front of you*

i've decided to shut down my patreon

there's a long list of reasons, and i've been considering it for a while due to those, but seeing the CEO be so amped about NFTs was the last straw

i've still got a ko-fi tho, and i've been posting there regularly

Dreamt that it became a meme to reply to someone's idea with "this idea's got legs" and a picture of a stock image person or celebrity cropped from the legs down

when you look up some organization that you always hear sponsoring stuff but never see what they actually do and has been around forever, and it's like "oh this was founded in 1920 when some dude got rich off owning an aluminum mine"

browsing Wikipedia 

Elmo has been referred to as the "Little Red Menace" by Sesame Street traditionalists.[15]

thanks to mastodon i wouldnt have learned that the word nourriture means food in french

type of relationship where you go out to applebees but it's ironic

gonna call every database "a mysql" like ur aunt who calls all video games "a nintendo"

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Brain worms 

Glass Animals is being nominated for some "best new artist" award even though theyve been around for like 700 years because the tiktok teens just found out about them

need me one of those nonverbal communicator devices and the buttons are labeled with :dragnowo:​, :dragnthink:​, :dragnblanket::dragnheadphones:​ etc

> Microsoft Windows 10 sends all new unique binaries for further analysis to Microsoft by default. They run the executable in an environment where network connectivity is available.

Is this what they call a free cloud computing environment :thinking_cirno:

the only real database software is mysql because it has a funny name

"it's not linux's fault this software doesn't work as well on linux" ok. well. that doesn't change the fact that people won't have a great experience with it

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Minecraft 1.5 Flying Machine (no slime blocks / observers) by Mxi10 and Myren Eario

To Asgaard must have figured out the secret to 40 hour days or something because he posted two 50:00 lets plays of different series on the same day, and he edits a lot more than direwolf20 lol

thinking about the time I registered the youtube account "TwinPeaksVEVO" to post a funny clip from the show but now the band called "Twin Peaks" had to register "TwinPeaksMusicVEVO"

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