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not terrible. went with a slightly simplified shape so u can actually click on the middle of the block lmao

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...any way to generate a VoxelShape from a blockbench model, asking for my friend

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lets just make a model with 24 translucent quads, i expect there to be no egregious z-ordering issues here, no xir

"Twemoji Mozilla" is "a COLR/CPAL-based color OpenType font from the Twemoji collection of emoji images"

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the default setting on Windows is "Segoe UI Emoji, Twemoji Mozilla" but you can switch them to always have twemoji

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oh thats neat firefox has a `` setting which lets u choose the emoji font

me playing a chord consisting of the brown note, the yellow note, and the white note

Imo there should be an Ashley Madison-style website for military spouses

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Hearing the headline that Ohio is becoming a "Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zone" and losing my shit

the text on the final version looks better but basically it's just

anyone in chat can do "!guess <whatever>" to guess what the puzzle will be

when the puzzle is over, i do !pcend which prints all the guesses and assigns them a number

then i do "!pccorrect <list of numbers from last step>" and it

1. congratulates the users

2. updates their scores

3. clears the guesses

fucking sick

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