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Gay rights is when i have a big scaly tale and the longer my tail the more gay rights it is.

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Fucked up and homophobic that i dont have a seven foot long tail. Tbh

hasty sketch... *sigh* horny 

nerd snipe, doubly so if you have access to a printer 

choice oc lore 

my oc 

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my oc 

fursonas with nose rings are very powerful tbh, just gonna throw that out there

i included the font names in the image caption because there is definitely some kind of "microsoft word aesthetic". Calibri and Times New Roman are the internationally recognized typefaces of hastily taped up signs

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dragons finding employment as a librarian or museum curator to satisfy hoarding tendencies nonmonetarily


😳bro we are just dragons.... 😳 bro your tail is wrapped around my arm... bro 😳


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