funniest feature of vulkan is definitely VkApplicationInfo which is a totally optional struct to fill with strings like your application name, version, engine, etc. i guess graphics card vendors are also sick of sniffing out .exe names

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Therr are so many accounts on twitter with like 250 tweets and they're ALL replies

I got some blood drawn earlier this morning, and the CNA doing it was very chatty. She got onto the topic of Kanye changing his name, and I said that having too much money and not enough people to tell you "no" was a recipe for whatever sort of trip he's on.

Then she said "I wish I had so much money that nobody would tell me no," paused and said in a low, intense voice "…id get a tail"

I must once again ask people not to universalize the "born this way" "not a choice" "can't change" narrative of queerness

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