still looking for someone to buy my AMD Ryzen 3 1300X CPU! Used for less than 6 months. Bought for $220, selling for $190-200

please boost!!

Just got this achievement, without cheating. Real #gameing takes dedication.

Commission for @chr !!!

Sometimes I wish I could detach my lower half and do direct maintenance on it too tbh

#furry #scifi #robot #mastoart #queerartist #transartist

is it gay to transform? You literally undergoing a transformation. 😳

i don't know nearly as much as i'd like to about geometric algebra but like, it *looks* fun and spicy

vectors of the world unite (into bivectors), you have nothing to lose but your cross product

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i never formally learned any modern algebra in school but there's so many people in the comments section who are like "my linear algebra class made no sense until i watched this", so uh, if that's you, maybe give it a :dragnpeek:​ peek idk lol

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thinking about how my casual interest in algebra can probably be directly traced back to 3blue1brown's essence of linear algebra video series, its good shit

Saw the Twitter post about that simulator where you fire an old white guy and saw an uncomfy amount of responses like "but he looks so sweet... how could you fire someone who looks so sweet..."

Like dude what

Not only should that not be your #1 objection to a firing simulator, but that shit's just caked in racism. None of yall would be saying "He's so cute! UwU" If it was a black person. When you're evaluating people on that type of shit you're embedding race in your speech. "He's so cute! (white) and soft! (white) and innocent! (white)."
Because of stereotypes and racism, black people don't get seen as UwU cute like white folks do.

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Some Anniversary with Left Food 

threats from parents, I need help (---) 

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