i have decided that trying to use shaderc at runtime is a Fool's Errand, it doesnt wanna statically link, which is kinda a bummer because text shaders are more fun and editable... didnt want to distribute compiled spir-v but alright sure

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after that i think i will screencap dunk TheLibertarianLoli even tho he has mental health

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๐Ÿ”ฎ :dragneyes:

"You will die via trying to pet a crocodile"

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@skelly ive used it to send money to my mom (because its part of our banking app and she doesnt have paypal) but idk, i wouldn't want to use it to send to someone i don't know. they like to tightly integrate with banks so it feels not far removed from doing a bank transfer

only problem with quiltmc is they have to rename fukkit which is the best name for anything minecraft related'

fukkit (fabric bukkit)

reencoding da big video finished :dragncoolmlem: 11gb -> 2gb lol

now to trim โœ‚๏ธ

@haskal ah yes the Witches Town emoji that we have for some reason

Enjoying the new development where the Minecraft 1.16 random-seed world record uses bone divination

the funny thing is that using my computer doesnt seem to make the encoding speed drop even though all 4 cores are at 100%? so like. .okay sure don't mind if i do

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