hey fellas just wrote some fizzbuzz, do you think i'll get the job?

using the "Activities" app to pull up some activities in the Settings app

Apparently the settings apk on my old junker of a phone includes some activities relating to the Galaxy Fold

ok this is actually a cool/weird android thing i found with a bit of googling

the Samsung Calculator app has a special permission called "Parser" that no other app has. this is the permission required to start the "com.sec.android.app.parser/.SecretCodeIME" activity, no other app can do this

and if you enter the string "(+30,012,012,732+" into the calculator well guess what

minecraft modding, tadaaa 🎉 

eye contact, cursed 

minecraft modding stuff 

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minecraft modding stuff 

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TRENDING: GamerJasonDude (5 million subscribers but you've never heard of him) has said a funny on dream smp, fans everywhere are thinking he's the funniest dude to ever grace this earth

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trying out typeshift (mobile word game by zach gage, it's alright)

however there is a series of puzzles marked "lexicographers only (seriously)" and holy shit they really mean it.

the thing with this game is you can technically try all the possibilities if you get stuck and that is how i found every single one of these

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