LLVM dragon 脳 Ghidra dragon

Carrier Pterodactyl 1 6 9

Wait is Ghidra even a dragon or is he like, a fire snake. Idc hes a king

Posting these on twitter with the intent to dazzle and strike my gay little fear into the hearts of any hetero fossguys namesearching their favorite tools

Yes theyre gay and both boys, Yes they fuck a lot, No Im not projecting

Uh oh it's getting nsfw yes actually 

Look I'm just saying, Clang's an expert at intricate interlocking patterns of ropewor-uhm, optimization passes, and Ghidra really likes seeing if he can wyrm his way out of them,

@quat i have been saying this for decades,,,,
they are totally in datefriends, :dragnuwu:

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