I've somehow been roped into making a map for TWTM, everyone's least favorite portal 2 mod

this puzzle started with Many Thing, and now it has Few Thing, and it's just as interesting. Actually really like it.

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found an unintended solution that skipped one of the pieces (the ledge, in the foreground of the prev pic)

solution: remove the ledge. it's intended now

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finished! steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles

I should mention it's an edit of ivo's super old map "simplicity". Now with even fewer puzzle elements. I have no idea how hard it is, lol.

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Ah fuck, oops, I dropped another TWTM puzzle. steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles

This one should be pretty difficult.

@quat So you mentioned TWTM being a bunch of scripts... does that mean I don't need anything special installed to play these maps?

@IceWolf You download it through Steam and it shows up as a separate game.

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