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😳bro we are just dragons.... 😳 bro your tail is wrapped around my arm... bro 😳

osu and mkwii crossover episode posting 

iq but only as hyperbole to make fun of that time some fuckwads thought they could quantify brain smartiness. dude this is like 800 million iq

me about to astral project: welcome to another episode of boundary break, a show where we take the camera, anywhere we want

i think someone should release a game where the highest graphics settings are some ridiculous setting way out of the useful range of values, just to watch all the whiny ganer boys have a fit over their $1000 graphics card not being able to run it on ~max settings~

like "antialiasing: [none] [low] [medium] [high] [extreme] [ULTRA OMEGA]" and it goes 0x 1x 2x 4x 8x 4096x

Seattle medical collective needs your help! 

slavery, concentration camps, border camps 

just thinking, what is even the point of Health class in high school if we never even went over shit like what a panic attack looks like?

i think i found out, like,

i wrote "if i let my hair grow a little more i'll have eboy hair" on discord and someone put a pogchamp reaction

They should just give kobolds over to the scalies at this point ours are way better than wotc's

wow, it's late 

An Ace crest, because not every tribe is defined by blood. The Latin translates "I'd rather have cake". #AceWeek
Symbolism explained πŸ‘‡

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