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Selling some old furry OCs/sonas! boosts appreciated 

So, over the years i've kind of amassed a bunch of sonas. ive decided that its probably time to start clearing them out a bit, cos the vast majority of them have gone unused since i bought them, lmao.

so, here's this! i like to THINK i've priced these somewhat fairly, but i may accept offers of less money for some of them. if you're interested in any of them, please drop me a DM!

payment is most likely through paypal. i do have cashapp but i have no idea how it works lmao so, yeah.

fennec (bust only), $5
undead fox, $5
monster, $5
delphox (2 art pc.), $10
vibrava (2 art pc.), $10
hyena, $15
budgie, $15
sergal (3 art pc.), $15
alien (1 fullbody, 2 icons), $20
liger (8 art pc.), $25
galago, $30
moth (11 art pc.), $40

budgie and galago cannot be resold for more than the price listed if you get em.

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acnh, message to anyone who added me to best friend list earlier last month 

hey remove me ("avie" from plushie) from your best friends list in acnh if you have me. I deleted my save data and restarted so anything sent to that particular person ( won't actually go anywhere because it doesn't exist anymore

if you wanna re-add me with my new save ("pippin" from île pupy~♥️) lmk and I'll open gates so you can pop over

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copying a lewd link to send to your girlfriend and then copying the word "dennis" to the clipboard to prevent it from being sent anywhere else

safety dennis,

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okay i've made an account because im all for a site that basically lets me make little miniature moodboards and such

my first contribution is "charity shop gems", a collection dedicated to celebrating the various bits of bric-a-bric found in charity shops that just make you go "why?". not too many photos there yet, but i'll be snapping pics whenever i do charity shop runs

okay things are set up on the new account, im going to set up the account migration now so this one will be going inactive~

@avie is the new one. if youre following here, you should automatically follow it provided this migration tool works did last time but hey no promises i guess lol

good grief mastodon REALLY needs a fucking "import/export filters" button

huh i guess i forgot to delete my computerfairies alt

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total distortion describes itself as a "Great Big Game Thing" in its intro and that might be the best self-description of a video game ever

instance move guff 

probably awoo space tbh lol

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pedants: don't at me about the phrase "fursona" being used in combo with "lizard"

1) I don't give a shit
2) fursona to me = "furry (as in fandom) persona"
3) does it really fucking matter

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how do I not have a lizard fursona yet

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immediately regret this choice

restarting game to be lizards

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mid to post-transformation; werewolf 

a fun commission I got to do!

instructions unclear, became a cat instead

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