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hello world!
I'm a nerdy dragon who studied physics at uni and really liked the scientific computing stuff. was my first proper language after :P
I did an image processing summer placement in and a research placement for the geometry of a silicon vertex tracker (type of particle detector) in .
I'm currently working for a satcom company as a software engineer, writing code for satellite modems in and .

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Name: Synthetic Enhancement & Repair Droid
Callsign: SYNRD
Pronouns: they/them
Height: 2.72 m (8 ft) standing, 2.04 m (6 ft) sitting
Length: 3.40 m (11 ft) 5 units (neck 1, body & tail 2, wings 2, legs 1)
Weight: 524 kg (1154 lb)
Colour=Grey w/ soft blue lights
Standard Form=Chubby serpentine dragon/otter. Two pairs of wings, mounted behind forelegs and hindlegs.
Wheel Form=Droideka [Star Wars]. Can carry stuff in gap in middle. Rubber surfaces on pads and spine to move swiftly and quietly.

"Meet me in the middle," the unjust man says.

You step forward, he steps back.

"Meet me in the middle," the unjust man says...

unhyphenated is unhyphenated
pronouncable is pronouncable
common is a common word
word is a word
short is short
defined is defined
english is English
pentasyllabic is pentasyllabic (has five syllables)
simple is simple
verbed is a noun that has been verbed

americanized can be americanised
CAPITALISED can be capitalised
white can be white (if you're using dark mode)
spoken can be spoken
italic can be italic
legible can be legible

itself is itself
exists exists
is is

tooted has been tooted
end is at the end

public transit should be completely free, not only to encourage people to use it, but to avoid punishing the poor for being poor and to take away a common excuse for the police to harass marginalized groups

here's the original/reference for easy comparison
I haven't played in a while, so I'm a bit rusty

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here's a recording from memory. I'll get another one later while I'm listening to the original to improve the timing.

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feeling quite proud right now ^w^
I managed to match the instruments used in Journey's Don't Stop Believing on my Technics SX-KN5000 keyboard.
The closest I could find for the right hand piano was 1:1 volume Honky-Tonk Piano and Modern Electric Piano 2 (the one with a more high pitched twinkle sound). For the left hand I went with the Picked Electric Bass with some modifications: -1 octave, +10 brilliance, and +6 release, with the volume +5 relative to the right hand.

if the tongue is visible for more than 0.8 seconds it's a blep, otherwise it's a mlem

warms and friends are my favorite things i think :3c

Tired of fighting against a bloated word processor when writing your latest report, novel, technical documentation or blog post?

Maybe that's the sign you ready to consider using a lightweight markup language. All you need is just a basic text editor, the knowledge of some simple and non-intrusive keywords and markup. And a processor to convert that text file to... well... whatever you want: HTML, PDF, LaTeX, ...
#AsciiDoc #Markdown #LaTeX #FOP

Our consciousness perceives is a simulation generated by the brain that can easily drift from reality as seen in this illusion.

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