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I am in 4 D&D campaigns. How has my life become this good

. @HTHR out here making the posts that truly matter

actually two so i don't have to redownload and reinstall all of my jackbox party packs

let's see if i can find a place to buy a 16gb usb so that i can change distros on my laptop while on holiday

@raphael thanks for the boost. your nickname gave me an aneurysm

mcdonalds breakfast is good actually

i have been playing so much modded minecraft. won't stop tho

Envoy Warforged sorcerer for a new campaign as drawn by a good friend of mine,! Their name is Homme!

back into rimworld and i have to relearn a lot because of the v1.0 update lol

My First Game Jam Winter 2019 soon™

what's happening re:

Takka Takka Takka. That Is My Key Board While I Am Pro Gram Ming.

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