is there any code completion plugin for vim which doesn't suck?

@pryr Depends on what you don't like about the ones you've found so far. If you are just looking for context-insensitive string-matching, then a little fiddling to get some variant of ctags set up like you want will get you decent completion without any plugin at all.

I'm just gonna assume YCM is probably on your "sucks" list. My take on that: intelligent code completion is a hard problem, and Vim isn't an IDE, so every plugin that tries is gonna suck in some way.

@cincodenada I totally agree with you on that, intelligent cc is hard to implement. The problem is they are all so slow. I'm gonna settle on COC for some time (previously using deoplete). I'm yet to try YCM.

@pryr I haven't used many of the other intelligent ones myself. YCM is huge and complex and can be finicky to set up, but it manages to be powerful and fast by calling out to various natively-running language-specific services that are doing the hard work of parsing/completing/etc...which is also why it's so complicated 🙂

The experience is pretty good imo once it's set up though, might be worth putting on your list to take a run at eventually. I'll have to look at the ones you mentioned, I don't know if they're similar or not.

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