(cis asking about my genitals in screenshot)

ohhhh nooooooooo

oh wow, ddosecrets @ masthead.social is now harassing me in my dms with some really problematic wording 🤔


transphobia, fetishization, slurs in screenshot 

they literally dehumanize us and then wonder why we don't like cis people

someone get me the ancient aliens guy but he says "liberals"

just realized that the "defective" ram i sent back months ago was just me being a dumbass and not using the right channels

this is faster tho

user block rec 

kistaro @ dragon.style

asked them not to use sanist language, they blocked

and yes, i was polite about it

user block rec 

hey so uhhhhh DesCoutinho @ mastodon.social is not only a neoliberal who defends fascists and attacks leftists, but they also purposely misgendered me, and i know it wasn't a mistake because this is in their fucking bio

guess zig's off the table

like at least tim didn't directly spew transphobia at me but he definitely defended the people that did, so

pride counseling! where we don't even acknowledge nonbinary people can be therapists

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