hey y'all. college isn't working out for me, so i'm looking to get into the software development industry through experience

i've been programming for about seven years now. i mainly work in web applications (fullstack) and automation. i'm currently working as an independent contractor for a startup as a fullstack developer; my responsibilities there are planning, design, and development of all systems (front and backend), databases, setup, scripts, automation, and testing. in addition, i basically take the role of a CTO, as the CFO and CEO of the company have no experience in software development

i'm looking for anything. my ic job doesn't let me work more than 10 hours/week, and i really need money to get out of an abusive house. if you have any work you need done, or know someone who does, please reach out

here's my github:
not much public, but i work in a variety of languages and paradigms, and i learn *fast*
resume available upon request

please ~~clap~~ boost

y'all i would literally take an unpaid internship rn. i've been so fucked over by universities and it looks like it's gonna be a while before i can get an undergrad degree. i just need something to get me into the industry

i know it's sketchy to hire a programmer with no degree but i will literally work for free, please, i will take *anything*

i wrote a blog/cms and a social media site in under a week to learn php, i learn super fucking fast

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