if your Big Data person does NOT know what this picture means, get rid of them

The road to fascism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting.

transformation kink 

Cozy tf

Tf where the subject is wrapped in a warm blanket, softening up as they're rubbed through the fabric

Tf where they're drifting off under a tree on soft grass, feeling in tune with the nature around them, blooming into the sunlight

Tf where they're relaxed in a warm bath and dips their head underneath the water, finding that they don't feel any particular urge to surface

Tf while they're curled up on a couch, in the arms of someone who's cooing assurances and affirmations during and well after the changes

Tf in a recently constructed pillow fort / burrow, nesting urges kicking into overdrive as floppy bunny ears pop into view

they’re not completely finished - they still need a glossy topcoat - but if anyone wants a magical pronoun pin, they’re sliding scale, $8~$15 each, plus $3 shipping! 💜 :_stars:

#TransArt #MastoArt #pronounpins #etsy

@FirstProgenitor @SeanAloysiusOBrien
4kids: hell is real and you can be sent there by losing in a children's card game

you can't just "not believe" in plurality you watched yugioh every fucking day as a kid and the main characters are literally plural

i feel like elon musk reinventing the internet "but without poors" and now i feel gross lmao

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what if i created a vpn company that was an *actual* vpn with a cool decentralized intranet ecosystem

every vpn company is just a shitty proxy server change my mind

;pve too remember that chuds got upset when they found out that stephen hillenburg said spongebob was asexual

he's a sponge

the concepts of sin, perversion, and taboo were created out of queermisia, change my fucking mind

google chrome is gonna start hiding the full url in the url bar

fucking hell please stop. the entire point of a url is that it's a ui

also this is a security issue

Lol an actual honest-to-god proud boy replied to my post about them.

That's made me look them up more and wtf am I reading

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