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If you use uBlockOrigin and want access to my curated filter list that maximizes privacy and usability, while also blocking annoyances like cookie requests and ad block removal requests, consider downloading my export from

and importing it using the ```Restore From File``` option in the extension's settings.

The list at time of writing (I update it frequently) has 1.448 million network blocks and 129k cosmetic filters

Happy Browsing!

zotero is so good at making bibliographies that it feels like cheating

just found out abt nixOS, seems kinda neat. The package management system looks cool.

i personally enjoy appimage because of portability and everything but flaptaks are easier to install and have "just work" on your system. appimages are a little more difficult to work with when you want them to be anything more than a use every now and then thing because they dont generate a .desktop file and so you have to find them every time again


I am 25% done with my last quarter of freshman year!

just for VM's working on other computers, setting up after a hard reset. etc.

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One of my mini projects I want to set up for myself is a script where I can run a single command, and it will install all the necessary software and dot files I have.

This might be sacrilege, but I wish I could listen to some jazz albums on Spotify in mono. I understand why they are the way that they are, and I can appreciate it when I'm actively listening, but when its in headphones, and I'm studying the high trumpets and cornets can kinda sound like a fly in my ear.

It's no wonder to me that kind of blue by Miles Davis is the best-selling jazz album of all time. It's a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Easily one of my favorite modal jazz albums.

It was going to be working on a PICO8 game this week, but my week just filled up with schoolwork :( I might have to wait until I'm back from college in 2.5 weeks before I can start it.

Repeat after me:

"I'm not a Formula1 driver, I don't need a tacky racing chair. I promise to get a proper office chair with lumbar support and adjustable head & arm rests. I will save some money and will also look less ridiculous in front of my PC."

See, it wasn't that hard!

If you're an educator and you feel the need to use digital "proctoring" spyware, consider why your class makes people want to cheat.

I want a player piano. I dunno where it'll go. Maybe an old victrola too.

We have a record cutting lathe for 78 RPM records, and I'm going to continue to experiment with duplicating 78s.

I have AM broadcast equipment, and CB radios. I'll get a disaster radio network going too!

I'm excited y'all. Can't wait to get that roof on.

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We need to get some mics and a 24 track audio interface, and pick up our mixing desk and mixing monitors. (Do they make 24 track audio interfaces? What software would I use to power that? Can I just use DAT? Let's just use DAT. Can I get a PC with a DAT drive? I'll find out.)

I need to revisit the gear list and see what I'm missing.

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- espresso grinder and espresso machine
- book binding equipment
- various paper printers
- sewing machine (it's fancy)
- digital embroiderer

Of course we also have lights and cameras and tripods and a 4 track porrastudio cassette recorder and an analog video mixer and a bunch of vintage computers, and two turntables, and a microphone, a saxophone, a clarinet, a six string bass, a decent acoustic guitar, a shitty electric guitar, a decent amp, and a good drum kit.

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We have a full suite of monitors, mice, and keyboards on the way, to complement the two dozen computers in our possession.

Also inbound:
- Elegoo Mars 2, resin, and cleaning/curing box
- Boss laser (the big hobby one, LS1632 or something like that.)
- another fdm printer
- a new roof (before the end of May)
- Roland GS-24 vinyl cutter
- 4 reasonably high end soldering stations + helping hands and magnifying apparati
- various extractor fans and vents
- coffee roaster

We're getting ready to pull the trigger on a BOSS LS-1630 laser cutter/engraver for the maker space.

I don't know very much about laser cutters yet, but this one is pretty consistently recommended in the online communities I've been circling.

Have you used a BOSS laser cutter? What were your thoughts and experiences?

Do you know this one specifically? What are your thoughts and experiences?

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