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Hey, I'm currently super poor and can't even afford food or drink.

If you got money to spare for an income- and homeless hacker creating leftist software, services and propaganda, that'd be extremely appreciated.

I can currently receive donations over two channels.

1) EU bank account for one-time donations without any middlemen:

IBAN: DE10100110012627826246

2) Patreon for recurring donations:

Lot of new folks here. In case you haven’t heard of Projekt: ONI…


Getcha some of that sweet, sweet privacy juice.

slavery as it applies to modern labor 

Modern society relies on the subjugation of the lower classes within jobs that don't meet basic resource needs, which traps those people within jobs which they can't afford to do without, and which suck away all of their energy making it impossible to put personal effort towards anything other than basic subsistence.

This is what people mean by "wage slavery." We, as in people who are subjected to and exploited by this system, have little to no choice in how our energy is spent, and resources to improve our situations are often locked behind bureaucratic red tape, whose purpose is to ensure it remains difficult for basic needs to be met.

The continued existence of this system is vital to ensuring that those in power remain in power. Customer service jobs, such as retail and fast food, are among the biggest perpetrators of this system.

Rich people need people to perform labor for them. Make food, sell clothes, handle groceries. It is understood that if these workers made enough money to do more than sustain themselves, then they could improve themselves into a situation in which they no longer need to work in such demeaning subservient jobs.

However, this work is vital to the function of society. Not everyone can make food, not everyone can handle the logistics of storing groceries.

Here's an interesting post I found about this classism within a family on reddit:

Warning: bright red text field. The post itself was deleted but it remains in existence here.

Upper class people consider themselves above the labor of society. Even people who work in skilled trades and who are intelligent and competent at what they do are considered "lower class"

We, as people of the lower classes, need to find ways to free ourselves from the endless pointless labor of subservience to upper classes; we must commit our energy and labor towards ourselves, and improving our own situations. As long as we are only able to commit energy to the benefit of bosses and customers, we cannot commit energy to improving ourselves and our own situation.

The first step towards achieving that is recognizing that we need help; we can't get through this alone. Reach out to like-minded people and discuss what resources it is possible to share mutually.

Abolish the taboo of talking about money. Talk about how much money you make in your job. Talk about how much money you pay in rent. Talk about how much money you spend on food. Talk about where your food comes from. Talk about the privileges and benefits you experience through your lived experience.

It is taboo to talk about money because our society relies on shame of being poor to keep us divided. Seeing someone else makes more or less money than you doesn't make them a better or worse person. It is simply a descriptor of the resources available to them, and not an indication of their personal value. Unless, of course, they're stinking rich and hoard enough money to feed nations, in which case, those people should die.

Normalize being open about your needs, and share with other people the things that are important to you.

I'll start.

I make $600 a week on unemployment. The house I live in costs $1500 a month, and the cost of that is shared between me, my partner, and the other two people who live with us.

Our household spends around $1000 per month on food, and around $300 per month eating out.

Holy, shit, girls and guys!

@purism achieved their investor goal in less than 6 days!

This is a humongous #FOSS victory! I can already see the path forward for FOSS domination!

PostmarketOS is a version of Alpine Linux for smartphones. You can follow at:

➡️ @postmarketOS

Their official site is at

The distro is available for many different devices, but the most compatible is the PinePhone made by @PINE64

(You can check device compatibilities at

#PostmarketOS #AlpineLinux #Alpine #Linux #GNU #GNULinux #Computing #FOSS #Smartphones #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Distro #Distros

This is your app without VoiceOver support. Don’t be this app! #accessibility

I don't give a fuck about self-driving cars.

I want free, public, A+ quality transport for everyone and cities that don't project mobility as "having a car"

You can keep your public Mastodon posts and profile out of search engines by going to:

Preferences > Other > Opt out of search engine indexing (tick the box, then click Save Changes)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

Hey everyone, I really REALLY appreciate all the help we've gotten so far with our storage container
I have basically a month now to come up with the rest of the money, which is currently $1265
I'm still trying to get a job, and to get commissions, but even if i got one Right Now i still wouldnt be able to afford to pay for this

If i dont pay for this, I lose Everything we couldn't bring with us during our emergency move to TN, which includes our bed and several sentimental items

I'm sorry to have to ask for so much from fedi but i dont have another choice, please help if you can

Commission info in top post

Venmo: SCoyote

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Thread: You know, I think that if there weren't so many blind people on Windows, and thus screen reader vendors supporting it, I think it'd actually have terrible accessibility. Narrator has *never* been a great screen reader, and even in Windows 10, it's not that great when you try to use it as your main screen reader. The *only* reason Windows is so great is because of the blind community making stuff like the Windows App Essentials NVDA addon and such. There's something there, something I'm coming to realize. If Linux had a more welcoming community, especially of developers, I think blind developers could really find a great, stable home there.


For newbies, I used to be IT manager / sysadmin to a fully #FOSS non-profit. Came here for the tech talk, stayed for the people. ❤️ Now I just post about nerdstuff, cats, bouldering, the occasional existential crisis, memes, etc. Just got back from a 91 day digital detox.

For the rest of you; what's up guys, how are you all doing, what did I miss?? 😁😁

Maybe this is what pushes me to using vim full time :dab:

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I just refreshed my OS on my laptop and everything works great, but for some reason when I installed vscodium it couldn't connect to the internet. VSCode works fine, tho. Anyone know what to do about this?

Researchers detail numerous ways publishers skirt China's loot box disclosure laws, likens behavior to that seen by alcohol, gambling, and tobacco industries

Currently in awe of my mom's spacial recognition while we Tetris every item I own into my tiny 2 door Kia

Three of my dozen thinkcentre's are refusing to boot after having an OS installed on them.

They boot fine from USB, but refuse to boot from internal SSDs.

The OS installs without issue.

The other machines in this line have also been fine.

Any ideas?

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