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follow me on if u want to see cool things I come across especially related to indieweb, small queer creators, uplifting leftist theory and praxis, technology, and unique visual

Made some red lentil fritters and ate then with a yogurt sauce, some watermelon with tajin, and garlic hummus. Was very good

Hey putting out a call because my friend is working on a project. Do you have recommendations of black artists who make black characters (preferably magical women but others work). Any suggestions help and give a boost if you don't mind

Hey putting out a call because my friend is working on a project. Do you have recommendations of black artists who make black characters (preferably magical women but others work). Any suggestions help and give a boost if you don't mind

What should really be worrying you (and policymakers, if only they carried the gene that expresses the ability to have a clue) is that we are effectively limited in choice to two trillion-dollar US corporations for the everyday technology that has unfiltered access to our most intimate and personal thoughts, the power to mediate our reality, determine what we can and cannot say, bound our agency, and redefine the boundaries of personhood itself in the digital network age. Who needs an army, eh?

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Tenacity is a free open privacy-friendly audio editing and recording app, forked from Audacity. You can follow at:

Ô×í´ŞĆ @tenacity

The project's website is at

It's based on Audacity, but with the controversial stuff removed. The project is new, and contributors are welcome.

(If you're wondering why people are leaving Audacity: )

#Tenacity #Audio #Music #Apps #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Audacity #Alternatives #Productivity

#SeanSwain goes up before the parole board tomorrow (Aug 13th). He has now been behind bars for three decades. Check out this video for ways you can support him. #FreeThemAll #FTP

#firefox doesn't need to be remotely as big as Chrome or as IE was before Chrome... It just needs to be big enough to matter in privacy and open standards and to keep the other browser makers honest.

But this is a troubling loss of the only mainstream browser not owned by a major advertiser or tech giant.

The internet is a much better place if Firefox can claw its way back to 10-15 percent market share.
It's now hovering at around 8 percent with Chrome at 70+%....

Hi, here's something simple some of you can definitely help us with: We need your help with testing something simple on macOS and Windows. We now have project files with _our own branding_ and need help with knowing whether Tenacity project files can be imported to vanilla Audacity in Windows and macOS. Backwards compatibility stuff. ;D

You can download and test the Windows and macOS versions here:

GitHub Issue:

Anyone have any good resources on learning CSS animations?

Gemini Accessibility:

Folks for ASCII Art Alt Text, ensure your description is on the opening "```" line.

looking for help

hey yall might know this but there was a website I remember seeing on reddit or something a while back that showed examples of complex things you can do with pure html and css and no javascript. Anyone know where that is?

Switched from using blokada on my phone to netguard with nexdns. Hopefully this helps me continue to maintain privacy on an Android device that I can't root :possum:

just realized this morning that both of my brand new 165hz .5ms response time monitors have been set to 60hz for the past week. I was this close to returning them because I thought they were borked but no... Pop OS for everything I love about it decided to default them to 60hz instead of the maximum it gives :blobfacepalm:

Alright friends, I've hit a wall in my research so I'm throwing this out there:

Anybody got any references, stories or anecdotes about ancient/medieval mercenaries + marriage? Bonus points for true stories about down-on-their-luck or retired mercenaries & soldiering companies and what they did after the war was over?

Bonus bonus points for information about ancient war brides.

I can't get a good starting point just using search terms and it's driving me nuts.

Today I'm going to sit down and actually decide what of my in progress projects I actually want to continue and which are just being worked on because of the sunk cost fallacy. :gnikniht:

Thanks a lot to the organizers of #SummerSchool, it really was a great event! It was amazing to hear so many fascinating talks, and even better to meet some of you whom I have only known through your toots so far. It was an honor to moderate @bcallahÔÇÖs talk and thank you to @ckohtala for moderating mine! CanÔÇÖt wait for next yearÔÇÖs SummerSchool!

re: fedibot 

also, same bot different IP:

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another scraper for the #fediblock and #botwatching pile


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URL: /api/v1/instance/peers

I normally am not a fan of individual boycotts because it does not bring about meaningful change, but I will not purchase or play an activision blizzard or ubisoft game ever again and I encourage you to do the same

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