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Welp, unity, the game engine company, on top of starting the process to purchase a known malware vendor, they're also partnering with the us gov't for "defense" projects

* ads are waste of energy

* companies factor ad spendings into their prices, we literally pay for this shit

* public ads are ugly and distracting, and they consume public space which otherwise can be dedicated to art or communication

* ads fund bullshit, they're literally socialism for capitalists

* ads misinform consumers and propagate consumerism

* ads fund bigots

* ads are ugly annoying and unnecessary, and serve no purpose that is good for society

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i like that thing collaboration webapps do where if you're not logged in, you're an anonymous raccoon or an anonymous skunk or an anonymous hedgehog or whatever

assigned fursona at collab tool

Do you have Codeberg account?

Please boost if you are a programmer.

#GiveUpGithub #Codeberg #Programming

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still love how amazon's github is amzn because amazon is taken by Some Guy and they can't claim it because it's the name of a place

Still looking for an alternative to #GitHub? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at #Codeberg today, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting! πŸ’»

I just found out that @codeberg ia doing custom domain for pages. So you can host your pages on Codeberg and use your own domain. Lot of people stuck with GitHub because it provided pages. Now a lot of people can move to Codeberg and become free from GitHub. Amazing news.

interesting, AntVenom made a video about Minetest. he released it a few days after 1.19.1 came out and was against the update so it's probably not a coincidence

tired of seeing tutorials for beginners that just ignore web accessibility standards.
they're gonna be out here thinking that it's okay to just put a radio button or checkbox's value next to it in plain text with no label tag

"blind" doesn't always mean "can't see at all", it can also mean "can see but very poorly".

we can't believe such a perfect domain name was still available πŸ˜…

say hi to the new address of the Spanish version of πŸŽ‰

I don't often use Telegram but they apparently launched Premium, and they included voice transcriptions as a paid feature??? Uh.. This definitely shouldn't be a part of a subscription.
Stop locking accessibility tools behind paywalls.

Victims of Communism Day? The victims of communism were Nazis. You’re throwing a memorial for that in Florida? Damn you’re not even pretending anymore, are you?

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