Gitea: *implements ActivityPub*
CEO of Mastodon:

Web 2 6 11

This is very sad tbh. People who value their privacy aren't able to report issues or contribute to Mastodon.

@programmerpony I think gitea are still working on their full migration support from github so it's partially understandable although worded coldly

@eris @programmerpony
This right here. I love what Gittea stands for, but I'm going to keep using GitHub until full migration is available. That, and I want to give Gittea a bit more time to mature before I go through the effort of moving over.

@Graycot @eris Hey. Sorry for the lack of context, but the original post he was responding to was deleted. He was asked about the privacy issues of GitHub and how it's impossible to collaborate on Mastodon without giving away your freedom. The ActivityPub thing was just something I personally found ironic. I should've pointed that out.

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