It's always sunny is just Seinfeld except set in Philly and everyone is Kramer

Took me a long time but now I finally understand that when people say "doctor who?" they are referring to the name of the doctor they can't remember (House MD)

ffmpeg users be like "i don't need to search the web for an online file converter. I can just use ffmpeg!"

*proceeds to search the web for which ffmpeg flags to use*

@garfiald what we need to do is combine forces (Spiderman wearing jeans) and organize (fucking the priest together as a family) so we can destroy capitalism (doing drugs)

if you do drugs (give in to temptation) while organising (practicing the faith) we are never going to have a revolution (the mandate of heaven)

At least once every few months I have to talk myself out of tattooing KNUC KLES on my knuckles lmao

@SuricrasiaOnline intense debate between Natalie Wynn and a minor Chinese Communist Party official over whether the Irish Republican Army's attempt to assassinate Margaret Thatcher should be considered "outsider art"

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