if you presuppose that society will involve computers, free society is impossible without free software.

Users cannot be restricted from understanding and/or modifying the things they use.

proprietary software splits people into two classes: computer-makers and computer-users. The computer-makers have control over computer-users, because they own the cybernetic interface.

Any time someone says "it's too complicated for you to understand" or "I don't care about the source code" or anything similar, they are perpetuating that class division.


it is extremely weird to me that so many people actually *don't care* about software/hardware freedom.

It baffles me that someone could be okay with not knowing, and not being allowed to know, how their computer works.

but, it's what we're raised with and what we're used to, I guess. Just another facet of how capitalism fucks with your head

@popefucker I mean personally I have tried to understand how computers work and failed many times so I've just kind of accepted that they are an enigma I will never fully understand

@Dayglochainsaw well yeah I mean understanding everything is impossible.

The "not being allowed to know" thing is a lot more troubling to me.

In my industry, it's a lot of " it's not hard, but if we teach you, you could replace us" And this is ancient tech that has been convoluted to a degree you can't decipher.

@popefucker i feel like there would be more enthusiasm for this sort of thing if understanding it didn't require reading and deciphering hundreds of pages of forum threads written in impenetrable jargon by people who have no patience for teaching

@popefucker I agree that being not allowed to know is icky, but just not knowing I can understand. Not everyone wants to learn everything.

@popefucker tbh tech should be trustworthy to the point that you don't have to know everything about it. Modern tech, on the contrary, is actively dangerous if you're ignorant.

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