I. fucking. HATE. job postings that use the word "rockstar"

@popefucker I hate the ones that require an advanced degree, 5 years experience and are "entry-level"

@gedvondur I don't even bother with those, I'm looking for part-time min wage type deals right now.

@popefucker It is though a nice filter for eliminating businesses. Any "cute" marketing crap in a job announcement gets them pushed to the bottom of my pile.

@popefucker “we would like to hire a notoriously needy, image-obsessed, intense performer that works such an unreasonable schedule that they’re likely to abuse drugs and make questionable decisions”

Actually, this explains a lot about tech

@popefucker That just means you can show up late to the interview then do coke off the table.

@RadicalEdward @popefucker I'd genuilnely like to show up to an interview for such a job dressed as a glam rock star. Or a ninja for that matter.

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