also one of the ppl in my group is cool as fuck and has anarchist stickers all over their notebook and I kinda want to make friends but like, how the ass do u do that

@Cyborgneticz blah, that sounds too easy.

(jk I'm just way too used to making friends with super nerds where it's like, we'll just start talking about math and shit and instantly be friends)

@popefucker well, I just ask people to go get coffee cause thats my life, but I feel that

@popefucker you say woah dude nice stickers do you want to go play board games and/or dismantle the state actually never mind I'm not ready for this kind of commitment. and then you just stare at him blankly for a few seconds, surprised that you said anything at all.

@crlf honestly I might just say "hey those are cool stickers where'd you get them" bc my laptop is, unfortunately, sticker-less atm

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