computer scientists in the 60s: "cool, we can do math with computers! And we have these amazing beautiful programming languages that can perform effortless recursion! I wonder what new vistas of thought this will open up!"

techbros in the 2010s: "we paid a bunch of Turkish people to generate 150 gigabytes of training data and shoved it into tensorflow. We'll put it on top of a JS app running in a virtual electron environment on the cloud. It's like uber but for marmosets."

@popefucker the only reason i don't want to go back to the 60s is because they weren't very good to queer people back then

@KitRedgrave yeah there are many good reasons why the 60s were bad, but computers are not one of them.

@popefucker ocr 10000 shity scanned document ml light efects to maximize most char scanned didnt even try to sample size. Put it evening morning i got best config for Max char ocr with a laptop. One hour more to scan. With a laptop.

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