leftists in 1949: imagine if your TV was watching you???? Secret police recorded everything you did??? That would be so awful!

leftists in 2018: all my friends use facebook so I do too

@popefucker Let's not forget the 24/7 location tracking you get when owning a mobile phone. :P

@popefucker uses mastodon. Almost everything public, including timestamps upto the very second.

That said, peoples' beliefs are typically not exactly secret..

@jasper but I also don't post very many details about my life here.

@popefucker This is some real shit, same thing with phones

@popefucker don't forget the Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri/Homepod devices in many homes, which are basically an audio-only (for now) version of Orwell's 1984 telescreen.

@popefucker @walruslifestyle

I don’t use any corporate data scoffing platforms and I don’t have a cellular phone :)


Nice, Ive always wanted to do that but I'm still far too reliant on my cell hpone

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