@somethingRight it's closed source and for profit, they record EVERYTHING, their desktop client is js based and a memory hog, and most importantly it's used as home base for terrible people to do terrible things.

I agree that being closed source sucks, and that recording data is shitty, but i wouldn't say that makes it harmful. I don't blame them for doing what they have to to keep their business afloat, even if i don't like it. And i dont think that shitty people using it is their fault, i guarantee if it was open source and instance based like mastodon is, there'd be arguably more shitty people

@somethingRight see, the difference is that I absolutely *do* blame them for that.

The fact that discord is considered "the standard", when matrix and mumble exist and work perfectly fine for the same use case, even among FOSS supporters, is very troubling to me.

I think that discord is how they are because, quite honestly, discord is a MUCH better platform in terms of usability.

I don't think they should be considered the standard in terms of business practices, but i think as a platform, purely from a usability standpoint, they're easily the best in the game

Don't get me wrong, i don't like discord as a business. But i honestly haven't found any platforms that match discord in ease of use, aesthetics, good quality video and voice chat, easily manageable servers, all with reliable servers and a good basic chat system. If there's anything that meets those points please enlighten me, I'd love to know

Mumble costs money, and from the times I've used it its ease of use, aesthetics, and voice chat quality are all subpar

It costs next to nothing to set up a server, and a huge amount of people can use it.

I, personally, have never found any reason to use discord over mumble.

Anyway, when the service is free, you're the product :)

I never said i wanted to like discord, but there's no way you can argue that discord isnt much easier for more people to use, being web based and free. I know that they sell data, and that's bad, but so does your phone. So does your search engine. If you stop using a better product due to selling data, then sadly, itll just get sold by something else you use

@somethingRight that's where you're wrong. My phone has a libre ROM and no google apps, my search engine explicitly says they don't sell user data in their privacy policy


@somethingRight and, IMO, selling data makes it a *worse* product.

This is just a question of values. If you value different things than me, that's fine, but the annoying thing to me is that some people are only available on discord and I hate having to use it. I can't even put it in a chroot jail because that breaks the client

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