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you can't destroy the black iron prison

you can't escape it

but if you play your cards right you *can* get parole

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tbh math people are super cool

aced my last midterm of the year, got recommended by a professor to take the graduate-level algebra class, conquered some tough problems.

Today was a good day.

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How to Masto:

The number on the right is a toot's power, or how much damage it can do. The one on the left is its toughness, how much damage it can take.

To summon a toot, you have to tap your feeds to gain moods.

why the hell is "nerd" an acceptable insult amongst internet lefties?

I love weird notation that I have to keep double-checking the definitions of. Makes me feel good inside.

I wonder if Alan Turing thought that people would spend entire days entertaining themselves via computer

it would be such a waste of such a shitty overcast day to not get some work done!

r/Polandball is the only acceptable place for nationalism

I thought I'd get burned out after such a long day but I feel great

fuck it I'm gonna break and get a ludicrously expensive scone

boy oh boy the classes I want/need to take next fall are already full!



should I overpay for on-campus food and thus gain energy to do stuff, *or* should I wait until dinner to eat?

decisions, decisions