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a night spent making images of Julia fractals was a night well spent

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15 Weird Tips For Using Ham To Fight Body Odor


I didn't put on pants today :)

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@jjg Vote with a Bullet is the election music we deserve.

ah, weekends. The best times to avoid going outside at all.

green day may be pop punk

but fuck it they're also good

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quote from a video about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Show more

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well I did about an hour and a half of cleaning, I'd say I have finished my quota for today

want some of my homemade cheese? I made it by letting a half-eaten bowl of cereal sit in the sink for 4 days

living alone is a lot like living with your parents except nobody tells you when to do chores and every night is "fend for yourself" night.

me, unemployed person: *applies to every job I qualify for on craigslist, gets no calls back*

republican: wow you're so lazy back in my day my summer job paid for tuition.

I love how my router stops providing any networking at all when it loses an internet connection.

Very convenient yes yes

fuckin Serg with dat unabashedly middle-eastern vibe

must have been hard for him in the early '00s.

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michael jackson (hacking): i'm starting with the man in the middle (oooh)

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*pets a graph with no cycles* what a good boy. good dag.

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I think the reason why my Anime world is gaining resurgence is becase..well, it's the 20th aniversary of its broadcast in 1998. ^^

System of a Down - Prison Song

I don't care what people say I like this song