The year is 2018. Hear a familiar sound while walking outside.

An ATM is showing a Windows XP shutdown screen.


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@polychrome I'm surprised they aren't still using OS/2 or eComStation

@a_breakin_glass the ones we used to have before were something unidentified and possibly entirely custom that had green monochrome displays and text only graphics.

They were also about 4 times more responsive. 🤷‍♀️

@polychrome "replacing something that works with a horrible mess is progress!!!1! tho" -- the developers of that windows xp mess, probably

@a_breakin_glass to be fair it might be slow and Windows but the new one does have a big touch screen with huge numbers and pictures of bank notes so it is better for old people, maybe.

But yes. Slow as heckers. 🐌

@polychrome haiku

year 2018
familiar XP sound
ATM turns off

lossy conversion w

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