I want to see a UI designer submitting 'old' desktop UI designs as new ideas with different names and making a whole thing about it being innovative and brave.

"In this concept I would like to introduce an idea I like to call a 'Menu Dock'. Unlike the old Hamburger menu, all the top menu items are instantly visible and make use of the large desktop monitor space..."

"This concept demonstrates Scrollbar Plus. A thick, always-visible scrollbar that allows the user to see where they are on a document at a glance."

@polychrome "Rather than auto-hiding elements we propose to instead leave them up"

@craigmaloney @polychrome "We propose having different UI elements be visually distinct. A button will look like a button, which will look different from label text, which will look different from other UI elements. This approach gives the user the ability to see, at a glance, what items can be interacted with."

@cstanhope @craigmaloney @polychrome "Modern HDR color displays allow us to use a wide range of colors, including ones with a big contrast to others, to make it easy to find and identify UI elements. For example, the title bar of active windows now can have a completely different color than the one of inactive windows, instead of just a slightly different shade of grey."

@polychrome "Scrollbar Plus makes use of the fact that unlike in the 90s modern computer- and notebook-displays are widescreen and have more than enough horizontal space for thick (vertical) scrollbars" may i introduce the waterbubble design, that emulates a 3d surface filled with water, instead of a planar color square?

@polychrome I am certain that would 100% work, I hope someone does that, it would be hilarious.

Buttons with names. Instead of unintuitive swipes or ambiguous icons, the user can underatand what the button does

@polychrome the time will come. In @haiku we have barely touched our UI for 20 years and it went from looking new, to looking dated, to looking cool again. We changed nothing, itws the world around us that went from flat design (imposed by monochrome displays), to material design, to flat design again.

I can't say if these things will oscillate forever or if they will eventually stabilize on something reasonable.

@pulkomandy @haiku I'm assuming it'll keep oscillating for as long as UX design majors feel the need to justify their employment.

@pulkomandy @polychrome @haiku It will oscillate between "Everything old is new again" and "Oh, look, Apple did this and that, let's copy it!"

@polychrome I'm a grizzled dev and I consider Borland Delphi the pinnacle of application development, so you strike a chord in me :-)


I have bad memories reverse engeneering something in delphi 2015. Managed to make the ui run headless inside a linux serverx wine, and and mimic button presses with xdotool. People still use this today
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