Norton 360 and Avira antivirus both install a cryptocurrency miner on their user's computers.

This should be a crime.

· · SubwayTooter · 5 · 16 · 16 it is in some countries... never thought i'd support banning software.

@penny @purple one more reason to stick with Linux.

(Fast froward to Ubuntu shipping with one)

One more reason to stick with Arch.

@polychrome @penny @purple Did Ubuntu ship with one? I haven't heard anything, though I haven't used it in years so I'm out of the Ubuntu loop.

@purple not banning software per se, banning software practices - which is something that's already done.

@polychrome @purple Even more abstract, it's more like an illegal consumer practice in general

@polychrome Should be but it won't because it's included in the EULA that nobody reads but everybody agrees to be legally bound to.

@polychrome I thought it was disabled by default? Of course they'll probably change that in future.

@polychrome I don't know about the Avira one, but the one with Norton is opt in. You have to manually go turn it on and choose to use it, which I don't have a problem with. It gives people an opportunity to contribute to defi without being a crypto wizard, and it's not enabled by default so it's not like they're trying to steal CPU cycles without permission.

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